Friday, May 14, 2010

The Wonder of it all

5/14/10 Friday
Hard to believe it’s Friday, feels like it should only be Tuesday. I ran the tractor till it suddenly stopped at about sundown. I think it ran out of diesel, at least I hope it did. That could be a problem in itself as I’ve heard you really don’t want to do that. Something about air getting in the fuel system. First thing this morning is to go fill up the five gallon container with diesel. I had hoped to find something that I could use to store diesel, a tank on a trailer that I could take into town and fill up, but that hasn’t happened and now the funds are gone. Went and knocked on a farmer’s door that I was told had one for sale and left messages on his phone a month or three ago but never heard from him. This is all part of slowly building the farm, acquiring the things like that, which make life easier. Meantime I suppose I should go online and see about what to do when you run out of fuel on your tractor.

So there’s more rain on the way and I’m pressed to get stuff done. If it starts raining I will probably stay out in it because…I need to. Nothing easy or convenient about farming, especially when your resources are low and it’s just you. Yesterday I went to Midland with the expressed purpose of buying what’s called “Tall Bermuda” but after exchanging an auger bit and buying a new flag to replace the one that’s shredded in the wind I totally forgot. That, unfortunately, is not unusual for me. I need to get the seed in order to sow it when the ground is wet from rain.

Here’s a picture of a new flower. At least it’s new to me but I could well have seen it before and simply not remember. I saw it as I was running the tractor so went and got Cherie and the camera. I love to share things like this with Cherie. It’s a wonder to watch her face brighten up as she sees something beautiful. Perhaps my face brightens up when I see Cherie and wonder at the marvel she is, at the miracle of how our marriage was restored. I can’t see my face but sure can sense my heart at these times. Anyway, I wonder if this flower is related to the giant dandelion like plant I took a picture of the other day for the geometric pattern is similar. Hopefully I will remember to go check on it as these flowers mature but odds are it will vanish from my mind. That’s why I take pictures and keep this journal.

There’s work to do and rain on the way, possibly. You never know about the rain.

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