Saturday, May 15, 2010

Wrestling with theology

5/15/10 Saturday
We are starting to work on observing the Sabbath, to make it a day dedicated to God. This is hard for several reasons. Saturday is a day off of work and that means it’s a time we can catch up on stuff around the house. For me there is a never ending list of things that need to be done when it comes to farming. I suspect that the live asparagus and sweet potato plants I got almost two weeks ago are dead by now. Haven’t even looked in the fridge we have in the garage, where I stored them. The whole thing with the old man and railroad ties really set that back as I was not about to plant anything there if I was going to return them. Now the rains have delayed things there as well. The thing about keeping a Sabbath is that it’s to be a day of rest, where you don’t work on things. I’m wrestling with that theology right now for Jesus made it a point to go against the Jewish traditions and said some pointed things. So what’s right and what’s not? I’m thinking that if I keep my heart and mind on things of God during the day that qualifies…but I’m still wrestling with that. Whatever I do will be an improvement over doing nothing. So step by step we will work towards getting closer to God.

I went out and took more pictures of the rain damages. The hail pounded our plants pretty good but for the most part they are still in good shape. I can see several areas that are low and where the rain settles to. One of the concepts I have is to dig and build a cistern to capture rain water and another is to perhaps create a pond type area lined with the stuff I got from the landfill that seals it. So many ideas but so little in resources and ability to follow through on them.

Here’s a picture of our onions. We had covered them all back up when the wind blew all the dirt away and with this rain they are all exposed again. If I could I’d buy a hundred or two railroad ties to make raised beds and prevent this from happening. Meantime I’ll do the best I can. I can see that making tall furrows doesn’t work out well. Did I see that last year as well? Don’t know and can’t remember so I’m doomed to repeat the same mistakes till I can. But making raised, lined beds is certainly a way to go long term. That just requires the time and money I seem to be often short of.

Today I will focus on doing some writing though some things outside are pressing needs. Weeds always need pulling, especially the sticker grass.

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