Thursday, May 27, 2010

Time flies

One of the flowers on the cactus we have out front.

5/27/10 Thursday
Time flies past so quick I wake up surprised at what day it is. Been helping a friend the last couple of days. That means lots hasn’t gotten done around the farm but things seldom seem to get done around here anyway. I can afford to pay for some help now so will call the halfway house to see if Mike or any of the others are available. Actually I think I’ll drive up there this morning and talk to them. The gift we were given won’t last long so we need to be careful and wise regarding it’s use.

Just called Stepping Stone ministries (the halfway house) and talked to Mike. Let him know we now have funds so he can come back to work. Asked if there were any others there who would be able to help tear down the barn and he told me about a guy who was just released from prison yesterday that may be able to help so he will ask him and let me know. I set a tentative date of next Wednesday to take down the barn so he can make sure it’s scheduled with his parole officer. It’s good to be able to help others again, though it won’t last long.

I need to make a list of things to do today. Otherwise not much will happen. There’s a large batch of wood that needs to be cut and stacked, it’s the start of preparing for next winter. I want to install drip irrigation in the plot I plowed last week. I need to replow where the blackeyed peas are to be planted. They should have been planted a month ago. There’s more fence that needs to be put up. Particularly where the watermelons are to be grown. That is also where I want to build the chicken house, another project I want to do. Plus there is the barn I plan on building, I’m thinking of at least setting the telephone poles in place for that. First part of that job will be to draw up a preliminary plan for the building so I have an idea of how wide and long the building will be. I know where I’ll put it, where we had a transformer and electric meter installed when Alan was planning on moving his mobile home here, so I have electricity available for it.

Cherie’s been sick for several days now, fighting something off that sure effected her emotionally. She’s continued to go to work and pushed through but it took a toll. When she gets frustrated I share it so am easily frustrated as well. She’s starting to feel better so that’s good.

Wild sunflowers. Cherie likes them so I didn't till this area in.

Took a pain pill this morning, knowing I’ll need it. There’s so much to do, always so much to do. Mike can’t come work till next Wednesday so it’s just me for now. Our friend is working on an oil well today so I have some time off from helping him. So need to get moving and make the best of the time I have, especially while it’s still cool outside.

I was wanting to note when the truck hit 200,000 miles, just thought it would be cool to watch it roll over. Nope, missed it. Looked at the odometer yesterday and it happened three hundred miles ago. Still running on two gears. If it works out I'll have Nate pick a transmission up in Toledo cause he can get it for a whole lot less than it'd cost me here in Texas. Now I'll work on getting 300,000 miles out of the truck.

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