Thursday, June 22, 2006

Be careful of what you laugh about

6/22/06 Thursday
Well, I enjoyed watching the storm last night but now get the other side of the story. Nate (Good to hear from him) E-mailed me to let me know that the storage unit was flooded, as much as two feet of water. Nate said call him if I needed a hand. I just might so any help would be appreciated. Not looking forward to this, mostly for Cherie’s sake.

With the trip to Texas coming next week and the impending move to Texas for good she is stressed to say the least. I don’t think I’m much help with my slow downs and forgetting what I was going to do. Add to that the increased activity regarding those I help has tied up my days and left me worn and tired. I’ve asked her to make a list for me but things have been moving too fast. With lists things happen with me. “If it’s not written down it won’t happen” is a motto here that we haven’t gotten good at.

Got to run. Get showered and all that and go to the storage unit to see what’s up. Fred wants me to take him and by stuff for Barb’s hospital stay so I have to figure out how to juggle that with the storage unit. As soon as I get there I can assess the situation and then make a decision. See ya.

I like being lucky, of course who doesn’t. Our storage unit was at a higher elevation so we didn’t get any water damage at all. In fact the floor was bone dry and didn’t even get wet. There was allot of water just a few yards away and you can see the truck lot behind us here. This after it had all night to drain away. I’ll call up Nate to ask about the trailers for sale he knows about.

Just talked with Nate. This is the first time we said much over “Hi” in months so it was good to talk with him. He is going to check on the trailers. They are new not used so that’s something to think about. Kinda was thinking about a used trailer because our money will be tight, especially after we write that $37,000 check to Larry. Have to be careful with the funds at this point.

Fred called and now wants to make it a whole day taking him to the store and then taking him and Barb to get her glasses looked at cause she says they don’t work. I told Fred in no uncertain terms that in the future anything like that HAD to be scheduled, especially now when we have so much on our plate. Got to go now.

Fun Fun. I took Fred to the Dollar General store where he had a long list of things Barb needed for when she goes into the hospital for her hysterectomy. We got them all bought and took it to Barb’s. Pulling up I saw the back of someone in a white T shirt running to the back of the building. I think Basil is back or at least someone has moved himself in. When I brought her back from the store yesterday she didn’t have her key but the door was locked. If she didn’t have a key she couldn’t have locked it. She went around to the back door and I could see her through the window talking to someone. It’s a shame.

1:22 - The guy who we bought the truck from called. He said the door panel and parts to fix the truck had been sitting in his place for a week. “I’m sorry. I just never called” he apologized to me. Gee, I thought I was supposed to go up there and had screwed up by not getting around to it. I’m going to head over there now.

I get there at 2:00. He said he would be around from 1:00 to 3:00 so I figured I’d hit it in the middle. He wasn’t there. A young guy came out of the garage area to help me. I told him that I came for the door panel and lock parts. “Yeah, They’re here but Steve’s not” (I think that’s his name but really don’t remember) He showed me the parts and I said something about washing the door panel while waiting for Steve. He got out a water hose, bucket, brush, and a spray bottle with something mysterious in it. OK. I washed the panel and parts thinking I did a great job. Not quite. I put the panel in it’s place and waited. Because Steve has to install the lock mechanism I didn’t want to put all the stuff on as it would have to be removed again for the lock stuff.

After a while the guy came back out and called Steve. “He said he’s going to be a while” was conveyed to me from three cars away. “How long is that? An hour? Two?” I tried to pin things down with no luck. “Is he at auction?” I asked and was given a positive nod as the guy talked to Steve on his cell. “Tell him to call me” I yelled as I climbed into the truck. Cherie asked me if I was going to name the truck the other day. Maybe, but I have to see how it acts.

Speaking of trucks I stopped by Firestone on the way back because the “Service Engine” light was still on. “Hey, for the $660 you charged I would have at least thought you’d get the service engine light to turn off” I joked to the manager when I went into the showroom/office/whatever you call it. He laughed and got the guy who did the electronic gizmo stuff. Plugging in his hand held diagnostic computer thing into a receptacle under the dash he pushed buttons, read the screen and pushed buttons again. Finally with a grin he gets out and says “There, it’s fixed”. Cool…I hit the road.

There’s big doings at the strip mall near Firestone. The one that has a Dairy Queen I was thinking of buying a shake for my nutritious lunch. Not going to happen. I see flashing red lights all over and going down the road. There are four fire engines, four or five ambulances, and five or six police vehicles there with a cop directing traffic. I don’t see a fire or smoke anywhere but their getting the hoses out. Now I’m curious. I don’t normally chase these events but I found the number of ambulances so intriguing that I have to see what’s up. I make a right and come into the area from the back way. Not going to work. I’m directed away and never did learn what was up. I did see a dry cleaners there and think that could be the source of this great concern. I know dry cleaners use dangerous chemicals that could be a problem. Curious to see if it’s on the news.

I went and got a milk shake at Shivers, the ice cream place near our apartment where we some times go enjoy a sunset as we eat our ice cream. Never had a shake from there but figured it would be good. It was great. They have about twenty flavors available.

On the way to Shivers the “Service Engine” light came back on. I enjoyed the shake and headed back to Firestone. Now there is less joking. I want to know what sensor is triggering this. After some conversation they said “It might be the catalytic converter”. That’s $300, putting things in a higher bracket. Almost a $1000. That’s OK. I was concerned about the lack of balls this truck had, how it seemed to be choking just a little. That would explain things. We will see. I’ll have Jeff tackle that tomorrow.

Think I’ll check E mail and post this now. I am pretty worn out. Hate how I don’t last long and get so tired. Just want to keep going. I was getting lost today, forgetting where I was going as I drove or looking around to figure out where I was. Too much going on.

“But Wait Folks,,,Theeere’s MORE. Fred calls and tells me Barb is stuck at Kroger. Barb calls and I learn that her brother, Bill, had taken her to the store but was drunk. When he parked way out on the parking lot, requiring Barb to walk farther with her broken toe (Did I tell you about that?) He did this so he could drink in the parking lot. Barb said she didn’t want to get in his car when he’s this bad.

All right. I can understand that so tell Barb “Barb, Cherie and I are having desert after a nice dinner. I’m going to take my time and finish this up, then I’ll come to get you”. It was a nice dinner. Cherie fixed up bacon wrapped pork medallions with wild rice. MMM Good.

I get to the Kroger and Barb was waiting. “Where’s Bill” I asked her and she said he went to her place because he probably forgot he had brought her. He was sitting out in his van when we pulled up. Yeah, he’s drunk. Pretty bad. Barb goes and starts talking. I say goodbye and head for home. I am tired. Halfway home the cell rings. It’s Fred telling me that I still had Barb’s groceries in the car. Oops, I better go back. Bill was still in his van and was trying with some difficulty to light a cigarette when I pulled up. Barb laughed and they got the car unloaded. I’m out of there.

Long day. I’ll call it a night.


ByronB said...

Wow, the tempo of your life is increasing rapidly - you'll be glad to get to Texas for a rest!

How did Barb break her toe?

Bob said...

When Basil broke into her place by pulling her air conditioner out the window she smashed his hand with a hammer. Then his drunk as tried to come in again and she nailed him in the head with a brick. In all this she fell, hitting her head and broke her toe.