Thursday, June 29, 2006

Pressing on

6/29/06 Thursday
Good morning. This is the day we would like to hit the road for Texas. We start with a 7:00 am phone call from Wayne. He says “Sorry to bother you but I fell in the tub and hurt my eye so I need to go to the emergency room”. OK, I am sitting here in my morning nakedness, drinking my first cup of coffee, and decide to find out just how bad this injury is. No blood and Wayne tells me he thinks he might of scratched his eye, then he starts on the depression pity party line. “Why do these things always happen to me?” he whined. This talk I always cut short in a firm manner. “Wayne, you can’t talk like that. That’s feeding your depression so quit this”. Then I gave him something to make him think. “Wayne, if this is a real emergency why don’t you dial 911 and get an ambulance to the emergency”. “Oh, I didn’t think of it that way” he told me as it became obvious he was making more of it than he should. Or at least I think so but will know more when I get there. Got to get flying.

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