Thursday, June 08, 2006

Happy birthday Bob

This first entry covers the end of yesterday. Wasn't able to post it because Blogger was down.

6:48 – It has been a tumultuous day. When I checked my E mail there was one from my lawyer in Midland saying the bank is sending me a check for my half of the CD. I called Patrick and he said that now the lawyer representing the estate has to scramble to get the property deed reassigned to both my brother and I. He had already had it put in my name. The cost of that will now be added to the estate. Patrick said that it would be simple and much less expensive for my brother and I to sign an agreement where I send him the buy out price minus the $3000 he owes me. Otherwise things get expensive and would cost Larry far more than $3000 for him to sell his half of the farm.

Then the check came. We have deposited it in the bank and already begun the plans to move to Texas. Currently Larry and I will be co owners of the farm. Don’t bother me none. He can move in with us if he wants. I’m planning on letting the land stay dormant for the next six years under the government contract that is in place which pays to let the grass grow. Because any improvements we make will increase the value of the property he will have to share in the expense of those improvements. That I will carefully document and it will be deducted from his portion of any revenue generated.

Larry sent a smart ass E mail which I will post shortly. With it I will also post the E mails and letters he has sent over the last three years where he says one thing and then another. In one he claims he has nothing to do with dad when the truth is quite different. Larry is a regular visitor at dad’s and took the silverware our mother had to dad despite telling me he would sell it as part of a settlement our mothers estate. It will take some time to put all this together as I will also go through the recordings we made of our grandmother. I must learn how so I can put excerpts of that on the blog. Then y’all will get to hear the voice of a remarkable woman. Maybe I should settle down a bit but he does ruffle the feathers a bit and I don’t take to that well.

I went to post this but Blogger is experiencing problems at the moment and is down while their engineers work to fix it.

6/8/06 Thursday
9:09 - I take Wayne to the MS Luncheon this afternoon. He was sick last night so he may not be up to it. Should call him now.
Wayne’s not doing well so won’t be going to the support group luncheon. I will go because I have the pictures from when we took her to the park and I know she wants them. I will be working on my response to Larry and pretty much argue my case like a lawyer would. You know, get all the evidence and documentation. Hey, I’m bored and he’s being an ass. Be back later.

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