Sunday, June 11, 2006

Things are moving

Didn’t catch the news. I just E mailed Bruce to see if he is home yet.

6/10/06 Saturday
I was foggy this morning, running a 5 on the Bob scale. I took some of the herbal stuff and it seemed to help just a little. Right now I need to get on my response to Larry.

As I researched past communications with Larry I saw some things in what I wrote that were disturbing. I would fixate on a subject and kinda go into left field with it. I can see how I am hard to get along with but it also seems that Larry brings it out in me. I also found an essay I wrote for Thanksgiving in 2004. Think I will put it on my “What about Bob” blog.

7:00 – Just got home. We bought a truck today in preparation to moving to Texas. Got a good deal on a 2002 Silverado 1500. It was a fleet truck for emergency repairs and has a nice lockable cap with a tool section and ladder racks. Hey, I got a STROBE light with a switch on the dash and everything. That way if it breaks down no one will hit me.
It has 145,000 miles on it and is a little scratched and dinged up. The handle needs to be replaced as it was damaged when someone broke into it. Oh yeah, the passenger side mirror is missing. It won’t lock. It’s bare bones basic, no electric nothing but it does have an AM / FM RADIO. That is pretty much exactly what I wanted. It has a chassis built for a V-8 but this year they did offer a V-6. Just what I was going to look for because of fuel economy.

6/11/06 Sunday
We are both up and going this morning. Cherie raced over to the laundrymat to get a large washer before they were all taken. That’s the way it is here because there are well over a dozen large apartment buildings with in two blocks of here. Add to that what’s coming with the four HUD housing apartment complexes and this area will be getting bad. Last night we had two cars that ran across the grass and did donuts in the parking lot. Fred tells me that the new tenants across the hall from him have lots of traffic coming through. “It’s like a drive through here” Fred said. I told him “Fred, you need to keep your door locked now”. There has been an increased amount of activity in the parking lot and when I saw the new tenant he definitely had the gang banger look.

Fred saw me looking the truck over so he met me at the door. “What’s new Robert” he said. I knew Fred saw me drive up in the truck and look through it but didn’t want to get into it yet so just said “We’re busy now Fred”. “I saw you with that truck. Did you borrow it?”. I told Fred that I had just bought the truck because we needed it to move to Texas. This is what Fred had been afraid of hearing. I have warned him repeatedly that this day would come. “Now I’ll have to put a for sale sign on the car” he stated to throw in a little guilt about us leaving him. I talked to Fred again about moving into the Shriner’s retirement home where things are taken care of for him.

Today I will finish the letter to Larry. I was planning on writing him a book but will cut it down drastically. I recognized how I would fixate on something and go overboard about it when I read my old E mails to Larry so will try to balance that out some. I also plan to work on the truck and change the locks on the tool boxes.


I got a reply from the E mail I sent Bruce asking "Are you home now?" He is. I am sure his time is taken up with all kinds of visiting and catching up on his affairs.

5:37 – We got back from Office Depot an hour or two ago. There I bought Cherie a new laptop. It is the one thing she wanted most when we got this inheritance money. I just love to make her smile and brother, was she smiling. She has been opening it, exploring it, setting it up for a while now. She just took a break to fix some dinner.

We called Denise and asked if she would like to go to the park. It’s a bit chilly but she’ll go. I told her to wear something warm then. Cherie and I just went out and had a big photo session with the truck. Never had so much fun taking pictures before or at least if I did I don’t remember it.

This is one well built cap on this truck. This side has shelves for your tools and the locks are fairly heavy. I think I will have to attach some kind of strapping to keep tools from flying all over.

Just what the doctor ordered. Got it for $4,000 and it is solid and secure. Ladder racks on top and full rear access means I can haul some stuff. The cap is probably worth a grand by itself. I really don't have a clue but think its a good guess.

Am I glad I got the digital camera back? Oh yeah, I love it.


ByronB said...

Smart motor! Glad your boy is home safe and sound!

Bob said...

Me too. He's a great kid and I am clueless how he got that way because there were some rough years. He's a Sheriff Deputy when not fighting someones war. I hope to reinstablish a relationship with him. Lots of history to overcome. Good to hear from you Byron. Things are starting to get interesting now, aren't they?