Monday, June 12, 2006

It's Monday, Off and running

6/12/06 Monday
1:00 – I’ve already been moving today. Took Fred to a couple of dollar stores as he finished a shopping list for Barb with a few things for himself. Fred is in a strange mood and cranky as always. Barb’s Foodstamps were not renewed, partly because her caseworker went on vacation, so she did not have any money for food. She asked Fred, telling him all she needed was fat free mayo, a bag of salad, and a gallon of milk. He agreed to buy that so we went to the Pharm. That didn’t talk long because I went in and made sure it didn’t.

I got Barb dropped off and headed home with Fred. He wanted to stop at Kroger to buy a half gallon of milk and a loaf of bread. Wish he would a got it while we were at the Pharm. I ran in to get it to save time. Coming back to the car Fred started on “Do you know where the battery is?” again. This has been bothering Fred ever since he found out it was not under the hood but under or behind the back seat. “Let’s go to Ed Schmidt and make them tell us” Fred said. I told him “No Fred. I’ll look it up in the manual. I have lots to do today so really don’t want to waste time”. That worked so now I am at home. Figured I would get this posted before I take off again

Here's a picture from when we took Denise to the park yesterday. A full spread is coming.

Here's Denise pushing Cherie. She really loved to push us as holding onto the handles steadies her enough to be able to walk with confidence. Perhaps others watching may think that Denise is helping me and I am sure that thought enhanced the emotions here.

1:50 - I forgot to take my pill this morning, then I remembered I forgot it during the day, and of course promptly forgot what I remembered till I just remembered it again. Welcome to Bob Life. One of the reasons I remembered is because my ears are ringing and I am getting that head spinning thing. Not good. I’ll have to make sure it settles before I go out driving. I took my pills and fixed a tortilla roll up with the leftovers from the Mexican restaurant we went to some time in the past. Hopefully that takes care of this.

3:12 – That did help. I went to the car lot to see if the parts came in for the truck. The mirror was there and Steve put that in. Makes it allot safer to drive. I showed him where the clasps were broken on the door panel and asked if he would order one, telling him I would pay for it. Hey, that’s the rules, “as is, where is”. I knew the door panel was cracked so it’s on me.

The truck is running good so far, that’s a plus. This is the first vehicle I have owned since waking up from the coma nearly six years ago. I am going to look for a locksmith in the yellow pages to get the lock cylinders for the cap. I got the name of the manufacturer off the cap so will see if I can find it online.


ByronB said...

Good grief! You've got Denise pushing you again - how do you manage it?

Bob said...

She loved it as you can now see on the new pictures I just posted. It is good exercise for her that she needs. But mostly she needed the emotional boost it provided.