Friday, June 30, 2006


7/1/06 Saturday (barely, It’s 12:44 AM)
We made it to Oklahoma City. After fifteen hours of driving we are both exhausted. Here are some pictures. Dickey Bub we just thought was funny. The sunset is neat and the traffic wasn’t too bad except around major cities. We heard from Cathy that she and her boys, Joshua and Nate, got Wayne moved in. Cathy will do the final clean out about 9:00 this morning.

I guess there was more fallout with the city over the mess in the lawn. Cathy mentioned the city inspector they have problems with came by and wanted to tow the truck Nate had bought the day before. “This is a surprise, why?” was my response. Enough of that tonight. We need some sleep.


7:44 – We are up and getting ready to head out. My left ankle is so sore walking is a chore. Last night I had a hard time getting the bags into the hotel room. A long difficult walk as I dodged the crowds of children and teens that were running all over the place willy-nilly. Some kind of church group or sports thing. I think the ankle problem is an injury from the car wreck five years ago that is aggravated by how the pick-up’s seat has that ankle angled. After fifteen hours I was having a hard time walking to a bathroom. The ankle is a little better this morning. Not sure how it will be when we reach Midland. This has happened a few times recently so I may have to have it looked at.

Cherie did some driving also but it tensed her up so much she was not doing so hot. Part of her problem is the fear that comes up when she is next to a semi. That and the fact that she is not used to driving a pick up or anything large added to her anxiety. Despite that her taking the wheel was a big help.

Cherie loves the Wi Fi at this hotel. It is the first time she has had an opportunity to use this feature of her new laptop. Now she is spoiled. Once we get settled high speed internet access will be a priority. Of course I am spoiled also.

Well folks we are heading out soon. I am not sure how far it is to Midland but I am guessing we will get there by 2:00 or so. That is a pure guess so we will see. Texas is close.

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ByronB said...

Well, you don't hang around, do you?

Good luck on the trip!