Saturday, June 03, 2006

Lets's Go

6/3/06 Saturday
Not a bad morning. I woke up with a headache but the brain is running at a 7 on the Bob scale. Cherie is cheerful and not as perturbed by family matters as she was yesterday. I fixed the latch on her antique China cabinet she got from her grandmother on the Clevenz side of the family. I’ll do some adjusting to it when we get to Texas and I have a woodshop again. In the process of fixing it I decided to organize her tool box, which had years of screws, nails, and whatnot, thrown in it haphazardly.

I called Denise to see if she would like to go to the park today. She was accepted in the medical waver program and someone is coming over at 5:30 to do the paperwork. I’m not sure what the medical waver program is though I believe it is part of Medicaid. I should learn more about it to see if it is something Wayne can apply for. Anyway, we will call over there at 6:30 to see if she is done and if so will go pick her up. She has a wheelchair so we will be able to take her back to where we often see the deer. That would bless her to no end as it was the pictures of the deer I showed her that got her excited about going. Hope they are out when we go. That’s why we will go at 7:00 because the deer come out towards the evening.

We’re going to take Wayne to see the X men movie now. I called Allen and invited him but the 2:55 showing is “Too early” for him.

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