Tuesday, June 06, 2006

OOOh 666 today, I'm scared? Not.

6/6/06 Tuesday
Today is deal with LMHA day. I was awake early, about 4:00 this morning. There is a slight headache but nothing bad. I have to laugh at all the superstitious people geeking about the date being 6/6/6. So! It’s just another day except I have to go to LMHA and try to wade through the bureaucracy to get Wayne’s move approved.

Cherie is off to work and I showered and shaved so am moving fairly well this morning. I got an E mail from my sister wishing me a happy birthday. It surprised and touched me. I didn’t know she even knew when my birthday was but there is a good chance she has sent me a birthday card every year and I don’t remember. That’s why I keep this journal.

I called Colleen at LMHA but got her voice mail. Left a message but I think it would be better if I went down in person. I’ll wash the dishes and get the pork roast I bought yesterday started in the crock pot, then head out.

11:12 – That seemed to work out. When I went in to LMHA I requested to speak with Colleen as told yesterday at the front desk. Colleen was surprised because she only takes new applications for housing but she still took the time to talk. When I explained why I was there and that NPI had a copy of the missing thirty day notice she said the solution should be easy. Colleen called NPI and left a message for them to fax their copy over to LMHA and gave the name of the appropriate person it should go to. I hope that works. I also talked to her about Denise and learned they will be taking new applications in two or three months.

This all seemed to wear me out but everything does. That is a part of TBI and will always be there but I will always not like it. I just called Virginia. She said she left a message on Larry’s phone but that he hasn’t returned the call. I will send him an E mail and suggested Virginia call him again. Who knows what’s up there. Larry may be working or hasn’t checked his messages. Or he may not care to return the call. I am to take Wayne to MUO to see his neurologist at 2:00 so will grab a nap first.

We are at the doctors office now. It is crowded. I followed Wayne in to the examination room as I have learned Wayne often doesn’t remember things and gets confused. Both of those issues are ones that I have to deal with daily. Fortunately I have improved greatly over the five years since I woke from the coma but it is sad to watch as Wayne gradually worsens. At least my experience helps me understand what Wayne goes through and gives me the tools to compensate for him.

The doctor came in and asked the questions all doctors ask. “How are you doing? Is there anything that has changed?” and more. Wayne asked about what has been plaguing his mind since the last visit. That was when the doctor mentioned that they would check for AID’s with his blood test. Wayne had focused on that and I would try to get him to quit many times with little luck. The doctor said “No, it was not positive”. Boy was Wayne happy. He had been running on about it with the nurse as she did the preliminary things like take his weight and blood pressure. She was professional as she patiently bore with it and would not get drawn into a conversation on that subject. I am sure she was happy to be done.

The doctor left, saying he would return shortly. Wayne started telling me about how careful he had been in the sixties and then began giving details of his exploits. I am sitting there with my eye on the door, hoping the doctor would return quickly. “Yeah, there was no way I wouldn’t use a rubber with her” he was telling me as I pulled this laptop out. MUO has a wireless set up that allows open access so I went on line as Wayne kept on. I went to “Smithappens” which has a variety of funny video’s and pulled one up. “Here Wayne, check this out” I said and was happy when Wayne stopped talking to watch. Having successfully change the subject the doctor came back in.

The examination went on and the doc brought in another doctor whom I recognized as a speaker at the MS function Cherie and I had attended at the Old Navy Bistro. He went through some tests of Wayne’s reflexes and other things. Then he gave Wayne’s doctor some advice on medication and lab work. One of the things that came up was the fact that Wayne had been prescribed physical therapy at his last visit. This was one of the balls I had dropped. There had been no specific date for this prescription and I had thus not scheduled it so it had been forgotten, vanished from my mind as so many things do. It is now scheduled in my calendar for tomorrow so it will happen. The rule for me is “If it is written down it will happen”. The sad fact is that if it is not the odds are slim anything will get done.

While there I went online to see where the cheapest gas was. We did not get out of there till ten before five so it was a long visit. I got Wayne home and hurried to the Kroger in Perrysburg where gas was listed as $1.74 a gallon. That plus the ten cents I get off with my Kroger card looked good enough to justify the ten mile drive. Unfortunately those prices were reported in the morning. Driving up I was miffed to see it at $1.95. Damn. Instead of filling up I only got fifteen bucks worth. It was now 5:30 so I called Cherie at work because I knew she would be getting off soon and I was only minutes away.

“Hey, you want to meet for ice cream” I told her. She was confused at first because she knew I had the pork roast on so I explained I was right down the street. That worked. I got there before she did and waited about five minutes before she pulled up. When she did I put on the “Hey baby, you look good. You want some Ice cream?” act we do as if I was just meeting her for the first time and was trying to pick her up. She couldn’t help but laugh as she played along. We enjoyed the ice cream and each others company and headed for the house. Pulling up next to her at the light I yelled through my open window “Woah. Hey chick you are hot. You want to get together?”. Cherie laughed so hard she didn’t see the light change. Of course neither did I. Who knows what the cars behind us thought but who cares, we are in love and enjoying life.

The pork roast was fantastic. You can’t go wrong with a crock pot. Neither of us were real hungry after the ice cream so just had the roast and salad. I am worn out. It was a long day. Time to relax. Cherie just ran to the library and will drop the film off we took at the park with Denise. The roll of film wasn’t finished but I want to have the pictures for the MS lunch bunch support group meeting Thursday because I know Denise would love to have them.
Good night folks


ByronB said...

Happy birthday, Bob!

I have to tell you, I'm a bit wary about 666 - I was woken up at 6 minutes past 6 by a van revving its engine outside the bedroom window, so not a good start to 6/6/6.
Several of the posts I tried to make later failed as well - some didn't get published, others lost vital parts.
Of course, it COULD all be coincidence ;)

Anonymous said...


Bob said...

There are many examples of the power of belief. A witch doctor can "Curse" someone and because they believe it nothing goes right. Someone impoverished believes he can succeed and does. A black cat runs across the path of one who has that superstition and guess what? What they believe happens. Our lives are a result of what we choose to believe.