Thursday, June 15, 2006

Not a cloud in the sky

6/15/06 Thursday
Yesterday was like the day before it. Got real busy and worn out. This morning I have some free time. If Fred or anyone calls I am not going to be available. Got to finish the Larry response. Cherie and I worked on it last night but she wasn’t doing well. With the menopause her emotions have wide swings and she was real down, crying at the drop of a hat and the “I’m sorry’s” were coming out like rain. She is doing much better this morning though a tinge of her apprehension still remains.

Later today I will visit with Allen to celebrate his birthday. He practically begged me as there is apparently no one else to celebrate with him. He does have some friends but I don’t think there is much depth there. We will go see X-Men and then go to the Chinese restaurant that has a shrimp dish that is the “Best in the world”. For me seeing X-Men the second time will still be close to the first time. Some of it I will remember but much will be like I am seeing it for the first time. This is the fun part of my Traumatic Brain Injury. I get to experience a movie with all its surprises and twists still surprising over again. Then I wait a year and do it all over again. Now after I’ve seen the movie a few times it stays.

Cherie and I talked about what we will take on our first trip to Texas to secure the farm house. We will be leaving on Thursday the 27th, two weeks from now. I have already warned those I help so they can stock up. I hope to have Wayne moved by then. I should call LMHA to insure this is moving forward.

11:19 – So much for having a day off. I was fixing some French toast when the phone rang. It was Fred “You need to call Barb. It’s an emergency” I heard his quavering voice say. “What’s the emergency Fred” I asked with skepticism. Fred has been known to work himself up to where he would call the police and say Barb had a heart attack. “I don’t know. She’s got to go to the hospital. Just call her” Fred replied.

I called her. They messed up her medical cab so she can’t get to the hospital for the operation, a hysterectomy I think. That I must do so be back in a bit.

1:00 - That was not fun. I finished eating the breakfast I made and went out to the car to get Barb. Fred was in the car waiting. “I thought I’d go with you” he told me. That’s fine but just let me know. I could have been another half hour.

Now I had presumed Barb was at home needing a ride to the hospital In my conversations with both Fred and Barb there was no mention of where she was at. I get in the car and Fred said “It’s on Holland Sylvania. Do you know where that is?”. I know where the street is I just didn’t know Barb was at her doctors office. “No Fred, I don’t” I said so Fred began giving directions. He gives them finger style “Go all the way down here. No! here!” he would say as his finger mysteriously bobbed around pointing down as he couldn’t straighten it.

Barb called as we meandered along to ask if she had time to go to the bathroom. I said no because we were almost there. Now we are on Holland Sylvania so I ask Fred which side of the road it was on. He said left and began to ramble about the complex it was in and couldn’t remember the number. I drove on as he would peer at the buildings with his hand out pointing saying “No. Not that one”.

“Fred, we are almost into Sylvania” I warned but he said “Keep going”. “Fred, we are in Sylvania now” I said. “Oh turn around we went to far” he said. I pulled into a parking lot and called Barb’s cell. She answered and I asked her what the office building number was. She laughed when I told her Fred was giving instructions so we got lost. Then I told her I would find her as long as Fred didn’t give me directions. Fred didn’t like that.

I got Barb to the hospital. On the way back Fred asked how much gas was in the car. “Half a tank” I replied and asked if he would fill it up. He didn’t and said “You’re going to fill it up aren’t you?”. “No Fred” was my quick reply. Now he pouted “Just let it sit then”. Works for me. As we drove he decided he would get gas. I told him I was spending $150 a month on gas but don’t think that will sink in. I have my truck now and will be doing less and less as going to Texas gets closer. I won’t feel as obligated now that I won’t be driving Fred’s car for personal business.


Tiffany said...

Do your family and friends ever get mad about the stuff you post about them? It is pretty personal stuff.

Bob said...

Yeah they get mad. I tell everyone I write about my day and if they were a part of it they will be in the blog. If they want something good written then do something good.