Sunday, June 25, 2006

Poor brain day

(The last entry for yesterday)
11:23 PM – I am back from Bruce’s now. I am exhausted and the two beers I had didn’t help that. Cherie was a nervous wreck. I told her that Barb did show up and Cherie, looking at me with quivering lips asks “Your not sorry are you?” referring to my marrying her. “Of course not. Not even a little. There’s no emotion there. Barb was a chapter in my life and that chapter is past now. We’re writing the next chapter now as we prepare to go to Texas” I reassured as I gently kissed her nose. It took a while for me to restore Cherie’s sense of security.

For Cherie, Barb is the woman who stole me away from her. While that is not totally true for Barb was not in the picture till after Cherie and I had been separated for almost a year it still carries pain. Hell, Barb had used the thank you cards that had been printed when Cherie and I got married and sent out as ours. Tacky would be the appropriate term and maybe a little spiteful also.


6/25/06 Sunday
It has been a rough day. I have been slow and fighting a headache all day long. Right now I am particularly slow. Running about a 3 on the Bob scale.

Cherie and I went to the Crosby Gardens Festival of the Arts. It is one of her favorite yearly events. She has a favorite potter that she will usually buy at least one item from. This time she got a hanging planter that looks slick. “I know right where I am going to put this” she said with glee. The place she has in mind is at the kitchen entrance on the farmhouse. Cherie is excited about finally having a home of her own, a place she can put her stamp on, a place with permanence and security. We are blessed.

I started to have difficulty while we went through the displays of the artist’s work. I was unsteady on my feet and the right leg was becoming harder for me to control. With people crowding around while we were in a tent with delicate art pottery I was having a hard time moving and had to make my way out. Just had to be in the open. The leg got worse as the day wore on and between that and how tired I was getting I was getting bitchy.

That’s about it for today. We had dinner and went out for ice cream. I took a two or three hour nap because I was tired out from the fair. Actually I usually get tired and need a nap once or twice a day.

I hope I am clear tomorrow. There is much to do. I made a list. I am still fighting this headache that has been there all day. Calling it quits for the day.

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