Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Need to keep up

6/13/06 Tuesday
This morning I am scheduled to pick up Denise at 10:00 or so to take her to buy a birthday and fathers day cards. I just called her to check and she won’t be able to make it till 2:30. I couldn’t quite get why that was but that’s ok. That gives me some time to do things that need to be taken care of. Writing Larry is on top of the list. Haven’t quite gotten to that for days now.

This sucks. I think I just deleted a ton of work I did transcribing the Social Security forms for MS disability.

No I got lucky and had saved an earlier version, plus I use this automatic save program that comes with Word.

I’m just going to post this and try to get something done today.

Just called the local A.R.E. dealer to get an idea what the truck cap we got with the truck. I had guessed $1000.00 but was off by a grand. This cap, with it’s current configuration is worth about $2500, more than half of what I paid for the truck. He told me that used the unit was worth a grand and he sells them also.

Time to run and get the locks.

Now it’s 12:00. Never made it to get the locks. I washed the dishes and cleaned the kitchen a little. I am wondering if I should wait to see if Cherie will come home for lunch.

Yesterday, when she came home from work at the end of the day I saw her drive in and park. I called her on the cell as I watched her get out of the car. She could tell by the ring it was from me so when she answered it was “Yeah”. “Where do you want to go eat. Lets go someplace nice, to hell with cooking dinner!” I said. “Where are you?” Cherie asked. “Upstairs looking at you”. “Get down here you clown” was the end of the conversation. I took her to Red Lobster where we pigged out. She was telling me how expensive this was so I told her “Cherie, when we get to Texas were going to have to buckle down and live tight so we’re going to enjoy our last days in Toledo and have as much fun as we can”. I want to buy a digital camcorder so we can record this move and the building of the farm.

7:00 – Catch up time. At the moment it is hard to remember what I did today. I know I picked up Denise at 2:30 and took her to the bank and then to get a card.

At some point I went and got the three locks for the truck keyed. I was just getting to the last lock to install when Fred called. He had told me earlier that Barb was in the hospital and I could see the worry on his face. She was hemorrhaging all night. Fred said she was home and asked if I could get her check cashed tomorrow. “Fred, are you ready to go now?” I asked. He said he just had to put some shoes on so I said “Lets go”.

Barb was laid out and Fred goes “You want to go with us to cash your check”. Barb looks up with unbelief and said “I’m not going anywhere”. Fred was at a loss and continued to ask her if she wanted to go, this time to pick up her prescription. He figured it out so gave her $40 in exchange for her check. He was real particular to make the point “Now this check is all mine right?” as he clutched the check to his chest. I’ve been seeing an increase in this type of behavior with Fred, kind of a detachment from reality. Of course, who am I to talk, like I’m not a little detached also?

There will most likely be several errands to do for this problem. I hurried home with Fred so I could finish up the truck. Got the locks all installed and working so I can make the truck secure now. Can’t believe it’s already 7:23 now. Been running all day long. Never did eat. I suppose it would be smart to take my pill and got some food in me. Cherie had some kind of appointment, I think with her doctor though that is not clear, so she said she would be home late. I’ve hardly been home at all. Got an E mail from Patrick regarding an offer from Larry. I think I will get something to eat and set back to think, or perhaps laugh.

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