Tuesday, September 04, 2007

9/4/07 Tuesday
It’s already 2:00. Been out working in the yard. Watered and added more goat crap to the compost pile I am building. Tired. Cherie went to Midland. I am slow which is made worse by the fit of anger I had because of the dogs. They dug up one of the apple trees I’ve been nursing so carefully. Dug all around it destroying some of the roots and even broke the stake that held it up. The tree was left setting loose in the whole. I exploded when I saw it. If the dogs had been near I would have beat them. That’s not good. I think I must nap now.

Hasn’t been the best day, but it certainly wasn’t the worst. Can’t remember what I did other than hoeing crabgrass and setting up more compost. Was slow all day. Been fighting a nasty headache on top of a poor attitude. Tomorrow will be better because I will choose so.


Amy E said...

Hmmm...sounds like it's time to tie them up, build a fence, or find a new home. I hate that about animals, you get so attached, but they cause more problems than they are worth sometimes. I feel your pain Bob. I have a little chihuahua that may soon be taco meat if she doesn't stop wetting on my carpet LOL!

Peggy said...

As much as I love our dogs they have to stay in a large penned area. They want to chase and kill my chickens. They don't want to eat them just chase and catch. We take them for walks on leashes but the rest of the time they are in their pen. Good luck with your puppies. They sure are pretty.