Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Cool front rolled in

9/11/07 Tuesday
Yesterday was one of those rough days. Even after the brain cleared up I still wasn’t on top of things, mostly because these seizures suck all the energy out and leave me exhausted.

Last night a cold front moved in. That brought big rain with it falling at a rate of two inches and hour west of us. That leaves everything soaked. I will drop the tomatoes I picked for Janie’s boss off at Halliburton. Cherie will run with me into Midland (That way we conserve on gas). I’ll drop her off at Janie’s where she will do some cleaning and stuff to help Janie out. She has a list of things for me to do such as shopping for food essentials while we are in town. We try to be as efficient as possible and get as much done as we can while in Midland. At forty miles round trip it costs six or so dollars to go there and back.

I’m going to see if I can pick up the tiller I traded with Chuck for. Don’t remember if I wrote about it before, let me go check real quick. Nope. Yesterday Chuck came by to take me up on my offer to give him one of the refrigerated air conditioners Cherie’s nephew had given us when we left Toledo. We never put them in because the cords had been cut off and there is no outlet on the window wall of our bedroom where it would go. Besides that the electric bills would kill us and Steve, Janie, and gang had gifted us with the evaporative air unit. Anyway, one of Chucks air conditioners had been killed by lightning so they were in need. I traded him both units for one of his tillers. It doesn’t run but I am betting on being able to get it started. Then it will get a workout. Janie hasn’t been able to get a hold of the farmer who said he would till around the house. If she can’t I will till the whole acre with the one I get from Chuck. It’s the kind with a lawnmower engine and is two or three feet wide. I don’t know if it is self propelled or not. Never have used or been around one before so this is another learning experience. Hell, even if I had used one in the past (before the accident) I wouldn’t remember anyway. Pretty much everything has been a learning experience since I woke up.

I finally sent my oldest son, Bruce, an email. He’s a sheriff in Toledo and the recent shootings and deaths of two police officers in Odessa have put him more on my mind. Hopefully I will remember to set up an account with Flicker so I can send pictures to him, the youngest son, and anyone else I email.

Time to go.
4:30 – We just got back from Janie’s. Went there about 1:00 but I couldn’t get in. The key worked and turned in the lock and everything but I couldn’t get the door open. I called Janie and she said she had deadbolted the lock so to try the back door. We ran to Rosie’s and got the Taco Tuesday special and then came back. I couldn’t get the back door open either. Got pretty frustrated and told Cherie to get in the car cause we would have to go home. Cherie sat there a second and said “I’m going to try my key” and got out. I let her know that I didn’t think she would be able to, “If I can’t get in I don’t think you will do much better” kind of attitude. She came back in moments to let me know she opened the door no problem. Ok, just set me down a bit. So much for the macho stuff. Still can’t figure why I couldn’t get the door open.

So Cherie started cleaning and doing some of the laundry Janie had out and I ran to the store to buy milk and eggs. When I got back I vacuumed and took out the trash. Then we went home.

We did make it over to Chuck and Lillian’s to pick up the tiller. He had two there that he had picked up from some old guy they did some work for. Neither one of them run so need work. The biggest one was the one I thought would be best but looking at it raised some doubts. There was no oil I could see inside it and there was a plug missing on the side so I decided to look at the other one. It seems to have less potential issues but I really don’t know squat about them so it’s a roll of the dice either way. I took the smaller one.

I went to the composting seminar Eric had told me about this evening. There was lots of information thrown out during the two hour session but it was coming faster than I could absorb it. Can’t remember much of what was taught. I hate that. After it was over I stayed to ask about some kind of Rye grass that helps kill off some kind of nematode. Somewhere in the conversation reading an article in the newspaper came up. I said that I really don’t get to read the paper much except the Sunday edition and that it was ironic cause there had been an article about me. This brought up the story that I love to tell. You know cause I tell it here enough. The accident, the coma, memory loss, wandering homeless, on TV as Toledo’s John Doe, being reunited with my wife after seventeen years of not seeing or hearing from each other. And the best part, the one that makes everyone smile, and the part of the story I like best, how we figured out we still love each other and remarried. It always brings a smile and blesses those who hear and I like doing that.

So that was the day, except all the parts I forget. Night all

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