Friday, September 28, 2007

Been busy, I think.

9/28/07 Friday
I know, haven’t posted in three days. I just found the camera where I had set it down and forgotten about. I’m glad it didn’t rain cause it was outside where I’ve been working on the tiller. There are many pictures on it that will help remind me of the last few days. Actually a lot of them are sunrises and sunsets so that really doesn’t help me remember what I did. So I’ll put this morning’s sunrise on and figure it all out later. This morning we are heading out to the cotton fields for more survey work.
Want to make a few notes here. We just got back from doing the surveys. I had that dizzy feeling that is a precursor of a slow down while we were still out there. It has since gotten worse but isn’t too bad, running a five on the bob scale. This is a physical one effecting my coordination.

Cherie told me that I have been real angry the last few days, that every little thing sets me off. I hate to hear it because this is one of the common issues with TBI. For me these things seem to come in cycles. I dislike it of course. I am much better than before but it reminds me that I still am not “normal”. The doctors say I never will be but I tend to forget that. I like to forget it and want to but can’t quite escape it. It is hard on Cherie, real hard. I love her dearly but can’t always control this anger.

Yesterday I went with Cherie to Steve and Janie’s. In my mind I was going in order to put a new screen in Steve’s laptop. I got honked off when I found he had already done it and went home in a huff. Cherie later reminded me that the main reason I went up there was to remove the morning glory vines that were taking over part of their garden. I felt like a fool. Despite having Steve point out the vines to make sure I didn’t pull up the wrong thing I didn’t remember at all. It just vanished from my mind. What gets me is I remembered the computer screen fine but pulling the vines was not there. It is so strange to remember one thing and forget the other despite having learned them both at the same time. I will be going over to do the vines as soon as I am done posting this.

There was something else I was going to write but it’s gone now. It’ll come back later. Thanks Tricia and Amy for your concern. It’s a little thing but just knowing folks out there care means a whole lot. Especially after…well I need to let go of the hurt of those who talk about love and God but never got off their ass to visit or call. Like Cherie said, I’ve been angry lately. But the simple things like comments from people I never met, showing their connection with us, is a contrast that tells. Thanks Sandy, Tricia, Amy, and the rest of you.

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sandykessler said...

Just remember in the heart of it all- you are sooo very blessed