Thursday, September 20, 2007

Heading back

Here's another "Whats there?" picture. By the way Sandy, there are two indians riding their horses through the woods in front of the fox in the last one

9/20/07 Thursday
Had a great end to yesterday. We went back to Old Town but most of the shops close at five. It didn’t take us long to get bored with what was open as they all carried the same kind of tourist stuff. New Mexico T shirts and Indian jewelry. When Cherie picked up a pottery piece and saw it was made in China we were done. There were still a few art studios open but we just don’t have the money for that. So it was time to find a place to eat. Everything around there featured Mexican food. We walked around admiring the way this place is put together and the extensive use of stucco with the Pueblo feel. as we did so I looked at Cherie and said “You don’t want to eat Mexican do you? Cause I really don’t”. She didn’t.

I noticed a little hole in the wall place that had menus posted on the wall outside the door. It had an open sign so I moseyed over to check it out. Surprise surprise (said with the Gomer Pile voice) It is a French restaurant. Cool. We went in and it was a small cosey kind of place that didn’t look expensive or exclusive at all. After being asked if we had reservations and seeing the four page wine list I figured that out. It wasn’t cheap but boy was it good. I had to have the waiter interpret the French menu and we settled on fillet mignon for Cherie and I had scallops. We had to have a glass of wine so, not being this incredibly cultured dude with a vast knowledge of wine, I told the waiter to bring out whatever he thought appropriate. It was all just a wonderful to end the day so a hundred dollars later we went back to the hotel room. That pretty much blew the budget but you know my motto, “Love life, live a life you can love”.

So we are going to grab breakfast, pick up a small shovel at Walfart, and hit the road.
8:33 – We’re home. I’m tired. Will tell about it later.


Sandy Kessler said...

sounds fun and a memory for sure, I meant thge fox in the snow>??all alone not the Indian one anything there?? there;s an arrow

Tricia said...

Today's painting has a wolf in the paw print positioned at 11:00. So cool.

Sometimes those budget-blowing dinners are well worth the experience, for sure! You guys are on vacation, after all. Glad y'all enjoyed it.

I'm so glad you found a hotel that had internet access (of course nowadays the ones that don't offer it are the rarities) so we can follow your adventures. Thanks for including us! Have a safe trip home!

Peggy said...

Wolf standing... I just love these!! Have a safe trip home

Jeff said...

Was the restaurant Crepe Michelle? ..... Rita and I used to go there, many years ago, when we lived in Albukookoo.