Friday, September 14, 2007

Lots to do

9/14/07 Friday
There was a slight haze on the fields when we got up. Don’t see a cloud in the sky so it looks like it will be a warm day. I am pretty sharp this morning which is always a good way to start. The pain level has been pretty high as I did something to my back that makes walking an exercise in avoiding the particular movements that aggravate it.

Cherie and I both went to the composting seminar as it was at Odessa’s recycling facility, which is also where the “Master Gardeners” have plants and flowers growing. I can’t remember the details on who they are connected to or…well they are master gardeners working to help the public grow stuff. The county extension agent works with them so it might be a part of the city or state. Regardless the class was informative. Unfortunately the worm lady didn’t show up. She was to bring composting worms to be passed out to any who wanted them. That was one of the main things I wanted as I plan on setting up a vermiculture (ie. worm bin) operation. I had to go sit down as standing still hurt too much. We got the composting bin they were giving to all who participating in the class. One of the things I will put on my wish list is something to chop up stuff for the compost and mulch. That will make a big difference compared to what I do now. I have to put everything in my compost piles whole. The sometimes seven foot tall weeds are like small trees with the trunks tough and woody. They don’t break down well at all.

Cherie got her check for the cotton survey work. The timing is great as it takes the pressure off regarding the expense of our trip to Albuquerque for my appointment with the neurologist. We will be able to eat at a place like Denny’s instead of taking bread and peanut butter and catching the dollar menu at McDonald’s. We might even go see the sights and do some shopping. That would be nice and I know Cherie would appreciate it a lot.

It also means I can afford to get stuff like a throttle cable and fan belt for the tiller. I was able to get the motor started on it. Had to take the carburetor back apart and put it together again. There is a little valve thing that is sticking. Couldn’t really solve the problem as it needs a piece of plastic replaced but I did polish it up to help a little. I’ll just have to tap the carburetor sharply with a screw driver or something to knock it loose when it sticks. I think that will work but we will have to wait and see. I’m going online to see if I can find some info on this tiller. It’s an old Sears model. Still have to try and tune the carb as all the adjustment screws are not in their original positions due to my taking the whole thing apart. That ought to be fun.

Cherie will go back to Janie’s today to finish up some laundry and stuff for her. I stopped by there yesterday and scrubbed and washed off their back patio while Cherie was doing some cleaning and a load of our laundry. It is nice that Janie lets us use their washer and dryer. Saves us a few bucks and every little bit helps.

I called Wayne yesterday. He got the package I sent and enjoyed the pictures. He isn’t sure about sending us the money to prevent the state from getting it. I can understand the hesitancy as it is a lot of money but the loan agreement is written in his favor to protect him. It seems that the word has gotten out he has this money as an old friend whom Wayne has not seen in sixteen years called and is driving three or four hours to spend the weekend at Wayne’s. When Wayne told the guy that was fine as long as he paid for his own food and expenses the guy said “I thought you would cover that” or something similar. I told Wayne to be careful and not get taken advantage of. As usual the leaches come out when they smell money. I worry because I know how the MS deteriorates the brain and reduces the ability to make sound judgments and makes him susceptible to manipulation. If we hold the money I can protect Wayne from some of that. I invited Wayne once again to come and visit this winter. It will have to be when the weather is cool as heat is devastating to those with MS.

It’s going to be a busy day. We will start with going to the courthouse and registering Westbrook Farms as our DBA. We also need to see McGilvray regarding how my name is wrong on so much of the documentation. We are still doing Virginia’s job as this is her responsibility as executor of the will. It will be two years this has stretched out in December. That doesn’t set well and brings up a lot of questions regarding how the assets were handled. Now that I’ve requested complete records including copies of all checks written she seems to be dragging her feet. Makes you wonder.

Time to get moving.


Sandy Kessler said...

all good , all positive happy weeknd!!

Jeff said...

Bob, the Texas Master Gardener Association is an association of groups and individual certified Texas Master Gardeners, Interns or Trainees from around the State of Texas ..... they are an outgrowth of the Extension Service at Texas A&M.

They're a great group ..... one of the programs they support is a Junior Master Gardener at GEM/Carver Center in Midland. My son is in his third and final year of that program, there, and loves it. They also have an native plant sale at the Midland County Horseshoe each year.

I wish your friend well ..... you're absolutely right about the 'leeches' coming out.