Wednesday, September 12, 2007


9/12/07 Wednesday
I went to work on the tiller right away. Scrubbed the puppy room floor with bleach to get the pee smell out. We will get a concrete sealer when the CRP check comes. That will help.

The tiller is an old Sears model and wasn’t easy to take apart, at least not for me. I dismantled just about everything starting with the carburetor. Took it apart and cleaned everything up, polishing the jets and stuff that had lots of corrosion on it. Putting all that back together was a problem though because I couldn’t remember how it was put together. Short term memory loss can be inconvenient at times like this. I think I figured it out but who knows.

So it is laying in parts all over the place now. I’ll clean it all up as best I can and then start to work on putting this puzzle back together. I’ve always been good at puzzles.

Mount Sinai Hospital in New York called me this afternoon and interviewed me for about an hour regarding the website they developed for people with traumatic brain injuries and MS. It’s a study I’ve been participating in for about three months. Unfortunately I forget about it so haven’t used the website as much as I should. I did suggest to the interviewer that they have the site send reminders in the email once a week or so because people with short term memory loss need that to help them remember. She though that was a great idea and will bring it up with her boss.

I pretty much spent the whole day working on the tiller. It killed my back so I had to take some pain pills. Won’t be much fun tomorrow but I do what I have to do regardless of how much it hurts. Short entry today so night all.

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Sandy Kessler said...

that's a rough job for anyone . good for you rain ??we need it here