Wednesday, September 19, 2007

We're here

9/19/07 Wednesday
It was a long drive but we enjoy going down through Pecos as the scenery is great. I don’t have lots of time to write at the moment. We’re in the hotel room at Albuquerque and fixing to head out to grab some breakfast. Here’s some pictures we took on the way. There were lots of others I wanted to take but didn’t feel like stopping. Had to turn around and go back to get the one of the hotel.

I got some seeds off the cactus/Yucca type of plant cause they would look great at the farm. There is another type of cactus we like so will pick up a shovel here and dig a couple up on the way home.

By the way, I didn't get any comments regarding what is hidden in the painting I posted so I presume most of you couldn't fine it. Believe it or not there are two indians riding there horses through the woods right in front.
We just got back from the hospital. There was the usual routine of prodding and poking to see what worked and how well. The doctor was a young guy as were the ones I saw the last time. I think this is part of the training they all go through. He asked the regular questions about headaches, seizures, and the other issues related to traumatic brain injuries. Tested my strength and coordination as well as how well I could sense motion and touch on various surfaces of my skin. When we first started I was running slow, about a five on the bob scale. I explained this to him and also let him know this is mostly due to the stress of unfamiliar circumstances and that I would clear up as I relaxed and became comfortable with where I was. After he went through the examination he left after telling me another intern would be in for more poking. When there was a knock on the door it was him again. “I forgot to ask you a few questions” he said and proceeded to ask if I knew what day it was, what month, what year. When he asked who was president I said “An idiot”. He counted that as a correct answer I suppose.

After confirming I was cognizant enough to know where I was he left again. When he came back it was with an older guy. I knew he wasn’t an intern because he wore some older, comfortable, not fancy clothes, the kind you wear when you don’t have to worry about impressing someone. Yep, he was a head honcho type. His first name was Peter I think. I had Cherie write down his last name so I could remember it but I won’t reveal it here because I didn’t get permission. I like the guy. The first words out of his mouth were “I’m going to be blunt”. That’s the way I like things anyway, no beating around the bush or sugar coating. With a puzzled look he asked “Just what is it you expect us to do for you?”. After thinking for a few, trying to figure out why he asked I said “I know you don’t have a magic wand you can wave and just fix me so I’ll tell you my goals and you let me know if you can help”. I told him of the dream of getting the farm going and getting off disability. We talked then, talked about realities such as some of my problems won’t go away, there are things I can’t and will no longer be able to do, but there are things I can do. I helped him understand that I have a good handle on and have accepted my disabilities but that I am a fighter and will push on after my goals. Peter also had heard of how Cherie and I had gotten back together after seventeen years. “Brain damage tore us apart and brain damage brought us back together” I said. I think that part of what spurred Peters opening question was the thought I was after drugs, or at least some miracle pill that would make everything better. Once he saw that wasn’t’ the case he relaxed and we just enjoyed talking about things such as blogging and learning to not be in a rush with life. I explained that my request to be seen at the Albuquerque neurological department in the first place is just to have access to specialists in case I need them. Anyway we will come back in a year. I’m doing well.

We went to Old Town here in Albuquerque this morning. Quite a place. Fact is we pretty much love this city. There is a feel, a spirit here that is enamoring. The architecture is pleasing to look at and follows the southwest theme well with lots of stucco and arches. At Old Town (The tourist area of shops and art for those of you unfamiliar) we only went into one shop. It featured the artwork of Kathy Morrow. WOW. She just got added to my list of favorite artists. Right on par with Beverly Doolittle. She has a website which you can find by just typing in her name. Some of her pieces are in the thirty thousand dollar range but there are some factors I won’t divulge right now that will make those prices go way up. There were a lot of her works that were much lower in price but still out of our reach. If I had the money I would buy some strictly as an investment. But I wouldn’t want to sell them cause they look so good.

We are going to go back there and catch some more of the shops and attractions there. Lots of native American stuff. There is a big American Indian presence and influence in this city. It’s nice that we can relax and enjoy things here. Not broke and not in a hurry to get home cause we have the hotel room for another night. See ya later.


Peggy said...

I saw and showed my hubby the two indians (he couldn't find anything) but didn't comment. I just love searching her artwork for the hidden picture

Tricia said...

I didn't comment, either. Don't know why.......oh yeah! My son and I were looking for them during commercials of the Big Brother 8 finale last night, so I was a little distracted. I did eventually find them, though. That was a tough one. Especially the horse on the left.

Glad y'all made it to Albuquerque safe and sound! Enjoy your visit!

Amy E said...

Hi Bob! glad to see ya'll made it safe and sound, and that you are doing well physically. Hopefully you at least got a pain med scrip out of'll need those this winter. LOL! Have fun in Albuquerque I have never been there, only Raton, NW on my way to Colorado Springs. Have a safe trip back.

Sandy Kessler said...

What's inm the single fox photo. have a great time . love the trip

Bob said...

Sandy, there are two indians riding their horses through the woods. Look for their faces and then you can trace the image of the horses that are white with spots that blend in with hte birch trees