Tuesday, September 18, 2007

On the road again

Hmmm, a red fox. What's he looking at???

9/18/07 Tuesday
We’re on the road now. About thirty miles till we get to Pecos. It was expectedly hectic this morning as we got the puppies to the kennel and packed to leave. I washed out the puppy room in preparation for putting the sealer down but when I read the directions saw that I must let the concrete dry for three days. Nuts. So we got out the door a little earlier because of that. I have Cherie driving so I could post this and give my back a rest.
We are in Roswell now. Filled up on gas and as we looked for some fast food place to grab a bite for dinner noticed the Red Lobster at the light we were stopped at. “What you think?” I asked the budget keeper and she said “That looks good”. So we splurged, living the high life, at least for us. Cherie had chicken and I went for a shrimp salmon Maui dish with Cajun seasoning and pineapple. Got McD’s beat all to hell. So it’s back on the road. Cherie is driving again cause I’m a bit tired. We are a bit over halfway there.


Janie said...

y'all be careful driving, we'll see you when you get home.

I finally got the errant photo disk out of my computer, so I'll be sending you some cool pix.

Bob said...

Great Janie and thanks. Hey, did any of you figure out what's hidden in the painting???