Saturday, September 08, 2007

Today I started refinishing the headboard I recovered from the landfill. It is all counter high work and thus kills my back. There was lots of leftover pain from yesterday but even though I am not lifting any significant weight this is much harder than cutting the wood. It’s always been that way. Washing dishes kills me but I can split wood with a maul just fine. It’s the slight stoop to work at a countertop level that does it.

Bugs just mauled one of the herbal plants I was hoping would do well. Ate everything down to the stem. I’m going to break down and start using a pesticide. Especially for the apple trees till they get stronger. The amaranth was already demolished by caterpillars. Organic is hard to do when you start up.

I’ve got a problem with my Microsoft Office stuff. Microsoft’s website said part of what I have is not genuine. It’s the One Note part that isn’t working right. I went to bring it up and it said I needed to install it but the number on our CD package isn’t coming up as valid. I looked at the disk and see it is an upgrade. Now I remember, we bought this computer with Office already installed and then purchased the upgrade to the small business edition. I’m going to try to reinstall it and hope I don’t screw everything up.

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