Monday, September 24, 2007

An early start

This morning's sunrise

9/24/07 Monday
This week we start the months end cotton survey. Will get a jump on it this time. Heading out in a few minutes to beat the heat. I opened the calendar I keep on this laptop, something I don’t do much now a days, and found, to my chagrin, that my sister’s birthday was the third of this month. I missed it. Not good. She is the one person in my family that talks, or at least emails me. Of all the people I need to keep up with she is top of the list. I did remember to send Bruce and Adam, my two boys that came with the second marriage, short emails last night. I am so poor at keeping up with these kinds of things. Think of it all the time and forget it all the time. That’s why running a written schedule is so important for me or anyone else with my level of short term memory loss.
Absolute freedom brings slavery. In a society with no rules anarchy reigns and those with evil intent and violent natures impose their will on the rest. So there must be standards, which translates into a form of censorship. Regardless of the standards there will be some who object but the standards need to be that which promote a healthy society and culture, a place we can all live in a degree of peace and harmony. I suppose a speed limit or any law can be considered a form of censorship. Those who desire to be unfettered by moral or ethical strictures will always fight to be "Free" of them. A line must always be drawn but over the eons it is always pushed back a little farther.

Our friend, Amy, at mentioned a paper she was writing for a class on censorship and asked for some input so I wrote this. Thought I’d put it up to see what you think.

We had a great day. I love to work and was able to get lots done. Here is Cherie out at the cotton field we sampled. Yep, we were cotton pickin son of a guns by golly. It’s a lot of work going through these plants one at a time looking for all kinds of details. My back can’t take a lot of bending over so I just sit on the ground and scoot along.

I’ve been wanting to take pictures of some of the old abandoned homesteads you see all over the place out here. There are probably hundreds of them and they all have stories to tell. I’ve been thinking it would be nice to put together a album of these and research some of the backgrounds they have.

I got stuff done here at home too. Managed to make the front door not stick as bad. You can close it with out kicking and pounding now. This way the puppies won’t be able to open it as we can close it far enough to latch.

I’m done for tonight. Ya’ll sleep well. See ya tomorrow God willing.


Sandy Kessler said...

Will your sister understand honestly what happened????

Janie said...

Beautiful shot, Bob!

Tricia said...

Again, I remind you of the fact that so many of us with no (legitimate) brain injury to fall back on have the same exact problems as you. You forgetting your sister's birthday like that sounds just like something I would do! I remember at some point a while back, I had an appointment somewhere, and didn't remember it until something like a week later. And now, I can't even remember what the heck the appointment was for! Oh was the birthing center tour before the baby was born.

No fair. I don't have a good excuse! Lucky. ;-)

Amy E said...

Thanks for posting on my blog Bob! I will share your comments with my class.....