Monday, September 10, 2007

hard right now

9/10/07 Monday
Got off to a decent start this morning but I can’t really remember it. It will come back as I work to remember, maybe.

The rain filled up anything it could. The wheelbarrow with it’s small load of pumpkins, the compost bucket, the puppy pool, and who knows what else. I am pretty slow right now, running a three on the bob scale. I was fabricating a thing with window screen to see how well it worked protecting a plant from the bugs. Cherie came out and asked how I was doing. She could tell from my furrowed brow I was slow. I didn’t know it till I started talking to her. She’s good at seeing it. She went into midland. I picked tomatoes. Many are split from the rain. Janie’s boss wants some so that’s why I picked them. They aren’t the best cause I don’t use bug spray. One of the plants has something killing it off. Don’t know if it is a disease or bugs. Whole branches are dying.

I think I need to rest. Hopefully I will clear up. I made a reservation with? For? (Not sure what word to use. That happens when I’m slow) a seminar on composting. I guess it is a two day seminar. Eric emailed to let me know about it. I appreciate when friends do things like that. There was something else I was just going to write but it’s gone now. Brain damage is like being stoned sometimes. Sucks. But I am alive so that’s the blessing. I’m wandering now so will rest. got a headache too. just came up

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Just as HE PLANS