Saturday, August 23, 2008

Cherie got a job

8/23/08 Saturday
Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that Cherie got a job. It’s a temp to hire type thing but she thinks she will like it a lot. A big selling point for her was she can wear jeans. OK. I also had an old gentleman approach me to do some handyman work around his place. I explained “I work slow and have days I’m unable to work at all” and his reply was “Sounds like a match made in heaven”. I made sure he understood the issues I have and he was fine with that. For some reason I felt a check in my spirit about saying who it is so I won’t. That’s not really relevant anyway. Basically I have the opportunity to earn a little extra cash on occasion and that is always welcome.

Yesterday evening I dug post holes to start putting fence up. There is more damage to the melons and some of it looks like it came from smaller critters than our dogs. Pretty much every melon we’ve grown has been destroyed before we can pick it. That works out to be a lot of money lost and it won’t get better. I dug holes till I had a hard time walking. When Cherie saw me shuffling in she knew I’d pushed too far and got me something to drink while I headed for the bed. This morning was one of those wake up and take a pain pill mornings.

6:45 PM – I’m having a slow down now. It makes me grateful I don’t have them near as much as I used to. There was a time I would have them daily and sometimes loose a whole day. This one is a medium one, dropping me down to a five on the bob scale. If you look back to the earliest entries on this blog you can get a good idea of how bad it was and that’s nothing compared to the early years after I woke from the coma. The sad part was that there was no one around to observe me so even I didn’t know I was having these seizures. My brother just ignored the hospitals instructions to observe me and get me in rehab and put me in a sleazy hotel for a couple of months and then put me in a run down upstairs apartment in a St. Louis ghetto. I would wake up with scratches and see the furniture knocked over and broken and not have an idea of how it happened. When I got into the Brain Injury Institute they asked me if I’d had any seizures and I said that I didn’t think so. Back then I thought that all seizures were like the ones epileptics have and didn’t understand about the type I have. I did have a grand mal (I think that’s how you spell it) seizure that put me in the hospital for three days when Cherie and I first got back together.

So things are much better now and I am grateful. Life is good and I am blessed far above what I merit.

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