Monday, August 25, 2008

Time's a'wastin

a medley of vegetables we've grown here

8/25/08 Monday
It’s Cherie’s first day of work at her new job. She is real happy and enthusiastic about it, getting ready and out the door early. That’s unusual for usually she’d be rushing to be on time and running late. With her working I had Cherie make a list of tasks for me to do to. When we first got back together she worked full time, unable to work I was the house husband, doing dishes, cleaning, and other stuff. Back then even doing that was a challenge. I can’t remember how many times I flooded the apartment because I would be filling the sink to wash dishes and forget. I destroyed several pans when I left them on the burner. They were the kind with copper bottoms and the copper would separate from the bottoms. You can read about some of that in the early entries of this journal. I still have problems but am much better, having learned how to compensate for this disability.

So I’ve got a busy day scheduled. Cherie getting up and going early for work helps me get moving as well. Today will also be my first day of “work” so to speak for it’s the day I will be helping the old guy who needs a little handyman stuff done. I’m sharp and cognizant and the pain level is manageable so that’s good. I can never tell how long that will last but he is aware of that so it won’t be a problem. I did hurt my back pretty good yesterday moving the refrigerator Matt gave us. It’s pretty beat up so will go in the garage where I can store things like the organic pesticides and even seeds. That will keep them away from the rats and some seeds actually need to have reached a cold temperature to be viable. I can’t remember which one but one of the plants needs to be started at a cold temperature so I’ll plant those seeds in flats and keep them in the fridge till they come up, that is if I even remember that right.

The fall plantings are coming up very well so I am encouraged. There are still things I’ve yet to plant. Hopefully that will happen before it’s too late. The rye has seeded itself very well. With the rain there is rye coming up all over. That’s cool, I won’t have to buy and plant as much this time and should be able to plant the areas I wasn’t able to get too last year. The only problem will be getting water out that far for it’s the outside reaches of the five acres.

I finally got a picture of the little yapper dog that’s been running around here. We decided to name it “Yapper” just to have a name to use instead of saying “That dog”. Now I can print up some flyers and hopefully find the owners.

There’s lots to do and time’s a’wastin so got to get busy. Here’s a good sunset we had a couple of days ago.
3:28 – It’s been busy as expected. Between the heat and increasing back pain I figured this was a good time to take a break. I went to see about the handyman work and he showed me some of what needs doing. It’s carpentry type stuff and I’m not too experienced there but he will be there telling me what to do so that’s alright. Basically I’ll be the arms and he’ll do the thinking. Works for me.

I went to Stanton and cashed the rebate check from the Farm Bureau for the satellite internet set up. Then I got a hamburger at the drug store, which was great as it always is. Since then I’ve been working in the garden. I’m pretty tired so will write later. Probably need to take a nap.

I conked out for two hours, waking up just in time to start washing dishes before Cherie came home. Wouldn’t you know it, just when I write about flooding the apartment in Toledo pouring dishwater I did it for the first time here. Started it and ran outside real quick to make sure I didn’t leave the water on out there and by the time I got back in it was overflowing. Nuts.

Cherie loves her job. That’s always good for working at a job you don’t like is rough. They are letting her take part of the day off Friday so she can go with me to my doctor’s appointment at the VA in Lubbock. That will be good. It’s a long drive and I always do better when I have her around. She helps keep my stress level down a lot and that reduces the slowdowns, especially when I’m going to unfamiliar surroundings.

There was more I wanted to write about but it’s late, I’m tired, and I can’t remember what it was so goodnight.

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