Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Headaches are back

Here I am wearing the type of helmet a Roman soldier would use around the time of Christ. Just thought it would be a good illustration for the headache title. I've also got some chain mail and four shields. All I need is a sword.

8/6/08 Wednesday
The headaches are back. I’ve been having them for the last three or four days and woke up this morning with one. It’s the kind where I am sensitive to light and even the sound of the fan is disturbing. Usually I stay in bed with the drapes drawn when it’s this bad but I didn’t have that option this morning. The plants don’t care what I feel like, they need water or they die so out I went. It sure would have been nice to have sunglasses, that would have helped a lot, but the glasses I had with the clip on sun lens broke and I had to get the free VA glasses because of our money. I spent the two plus hours it takes to water everything and came in. Been laying down since and it’s after 1:00 now. God I hate not getting something done. I will peel and core the apples Ed gave us so at least I’m doing something. Wish the headache would just go away.

Last night, after seeing thousands of squash bugs like a carpet under the spaghetti squash vines, I got the tiller out and tilled it all under. Unfortunately I got a flat tire and couldn’t tell because it was well into the night and pretty dark. The tire spun off the rim. This tiller is so heavy that it will be quite a job just getting the tire off. Hope I don’t hurt the back trying to get it off.

It’s 2:41. I’m still in bad shape but we can add a slowdown to the equation. I wasn’t aware of that till I called Cherie. Then I could hear it in my voice. Right now typing is a struggle as I work to find words to say and then work for my fingers to push the right buttons on this keyboard. I am sweating a lot despite staying in doors so wonder if there is something else going on, like fighting off a virus or something. I peeled apples for as long as I could but sitting too long can create back pain. Hadn’t needed a pain pill all day, which I like not being too keen on taking addictive pain killers, but just had to take one. Go figure, sitting down does that. Sometimes it sucks to be me. I went outside once to check on Gretchen along with Rascal and Trixie. They are doing fine but let me know how much they wish I would come out and play. I would rather be out but it’s just too bright and the headache is bad enough already.

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