Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Going to visit Toledo?

The whole gang when we were leaving to come to Texas.

8/5/08 Tuesday
12:34 – Man is it hot already. Just came in to take a break and fix a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for lunch. Took my shirt off and stood in front of the fan to dry my back off before I laid down. If I didn’t the bed would get soaked with sweat. Not that it makes that much difference considering how warm it is when we go to bed. By morning the house is cool but with this humidity the evaporative air cooler doesn’t work as well as when it’s dry. Then it’s great and dramatically lowers temperatures. All in all it’s the best for us as a regular air conditioner would dramatically boost our electric bill. I was talking to Mark when I picked up the horse manure and he asked how much our electric bill was. When I told him it was only $112.00 he asked “how do you do that?”, because their bill was over three hundred dollars. I don’t know exactly because the house is now all electric because the gas pipes under the house leak. But I think using the evaporative unit instead of a regular air conditioner helps a lot. Other than that we are just frugal I guess though we did invest in those curly florescent bulbs that use less than a regular light bulb.

I’m beat now. Been out going through the pumpkin plants one at a time looking for squash bugs and their eggs. Found plenty of them and as I sat clearing out one of the plants I watched more of the squash bugs flying in and landing near enough to me that I could kill them too. It looks like they are coming from the spaghetti squash that was infested so bad. I’m going to till that under now.

It’s poop scoop day so I’ll be going to Steve and Janie’s. If I remember I’ll take my hoe to see if Eric can weld it. Right now I am working to keep from falling asleep as I write. I suppose it would be smart to take my nap now and get it over with. Otherwise I won’t be worth much later in the day. If I don’t fix a sandwich now I probably won’t remember to eat because I don’t feel hunger except on rare occasions.

It looks like we will be able to go to Toledo in October. It’s something we have both wanted to do and when Cherie’s mom called she asked about it. Yesterday I told Cherie to start looking into the cost of such a journey. Driving is out of the question because it will take four days, two each way, and probably cost about twelve hundred dollars in gas if we took the truck. So flying is the best bet. Cherie called our friend who travels extensively to see if we could purchase some of her frequent flyer miles. She called back and said we could fly for free. What a blessing. What a blessing. What a blessing. I suppose I can stop that now. What a blessing. Oops, that just slipped out. So all we have to pay for is a rental car and hotel stay.

Going up there will allow me to see the people I care about and in some cases cared for. On the top of the list is my former secretary whom I’ve lost contact with all together. Wayne I call on a regular basis and Allen I finally got a hold of. Dave, one of the people who saw me on the “Toledo’s John Doe” news article and called in to help, giving me a place to stay, was forced to move when his father sold the house. I don’t have a clue where he is now. Plus Cherie’s aunt and uncle are having their big fiftieth anniversary when we will be there and of course her entire family is up there. It will be good to see them again.

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