Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Got a lot done

8/12/08 Tuesday
It didn’t take long to get hot. I got a lot done yesterday, at least a lot for me. Planted three kinds of peas and some pole beans along with a whole row of bush type green beans. None of the peas and beans made it last time so we’ll see if they do any better being planted this late in the season. I made two trellises as well, one for the peas and pole beans and one for the Chinese noodle beans I planted in the spring. Some of them survived but require a trellis to grow well. The beans are about twelve inches or longer. I recovered seeds from the beans that managed to grow and will plant them today. They are really cool looking and will draw a lot of attention. Today I hope to till up the blackeyed pea plants that have died off and get my fall crop of them in the ground.

I went into Stanton to treat myself to one of those hamburgers you can get at the drug store. They are the best hamburgers this side of Pecos. Mary (who works there) asked about Cherie, remarking that she hasn’t seen her in a while. While I was eating Carol Yater came in with his wife, Lynn. Of course I didn’t recognize him but I heard someone call out his name so knew it was him. Lynn stopped and talked with me. I asked her if she liked blackeyed peas and her eyes lit up. She may come out tomorrow with a friend and pick some. I mentioned that I’ve been wanting to drop by and talk with Carol about selling some of my products in the parking lot of his building by the interstate. She said she would go and ask him.

Carol has had open heart by-pass surgery so isn’t always in good shape or good mood, thus you have to find a good time to talk with him. Lynn told me this was a good time so I went over to his table. We talked a little about the building and I offered to do some work around it to help out. He was keen on that. He mentioned that part of the steel roof was coming up so on the way home I stopped and looked at it. The wind ripped the sheetmetal right up so it will have to be replaced. I just might have just what he needs in the stuff I scavenged from the landfill so that will work out well. He said I could use his tractor to mow the area and I’ll be glad to take him up on that as well.

It’s poop scoop day so I’ll need to head into Midland this afternoon. While in town I’ll look for some of the organic pesticides I researched on the internet to combat the squash bugs with. It will probably be hard to find and certainly not cheap but it’s either that or watch what I plant get destroyed. I found a squash bug on the Chinese noodle bean plant so that’s not good. They are trashing the Charentaise melons right now on top of infesting the pumpkins.


Amy E said...

Bob, have you thought of getting some chickens and turning them lose in your crops, they will eat the bugs and leave your plants alone, for the most part. I find this works well for me, and I haven't had any infestations so far.

Of course, with the cats and coyotes in your area, cooping them at night would be a must....

If you can't find any let me know, I have a few I can give to you.

Bob said...

We plan on eventually having chickens for both eggs and meat but I must first build a place for them and that is the hold up. Maybe next year.