Thursday, August 07, 2008

Doing better

8/7/08 Thursday
I dropped this laptop last night and hope there is not too much damage. One of the keys isn’t quite right though it still works. I had a whole lot written for today when it just turned itself off. I think it over heated. I had just gone online to look up a bible verse and the firefox web browser I use was running the CPU at 100% slowing everything down. When I tried to restart the laptop again shut itself down so I let it sit and cool off before starting it up again. It seems to be working ok now but I lost everything I wrote. I suppose I’ll try to write it again but you know I can’t remember so I’ll just start over.

I am doing much better this morning. Lost a whole day yesterday with the headaches. It went away at four or so and happily I went to work. I got the tire off the tiller using my two wheel dolly to lift it up. After looking unsuccessfully for why it went flat I took it to the gas station to air it up. I suppose it’s a slow leak at the rim or something so I’ll have to keep an eye on it and air it up with the bicycle pump Janie let us have.

It’s only going to go up to ninety degrees or so today and that is cool by West Texas standards so hopefully I’ll get a lot done. Perhaps I can get some of the fall crops planted that should have been in the ground last month. It is so frustrating to always be behind. I need to be working on the business plan for Texas Rehabilitation as well as writing the goals we have to Congressman Mike Conaway. There is so much help available but it requires I do these things. I stay busy but don’t seem to get to doing this. These tasks just get lost as I wander through the day.

I suppose that’s all I’ll write for now. I did write before about how my thoughts have been on the things of God and the need to communicate with the Stanton church to clear the air. Can’t seem to get the hurt off my mind and need to deal with it.

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