Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Zoie died.

Today's sunset

I just learned that Steve and Janie’s puppy, Zoie, was killed, run over in front of the house. Oh how I feel their hurt. Cherie and I have been privileged to be there since they first got her and watched her grow. What a lover Zoie was, just licking the beard off my face every time I saw her. I looked forward to poop scooping because I could play with her and Zack. We went there to do so yesterday and wondered where Zoie was. Hearing this just took the wind out of my sails. It’s easy to love and then hard when something like this happens. I know how much Steve and Janie loved Zoie and know their sorrow will run deep. There is little you can say at times like this but you want to, you want to reach out and help, you want to make it hurt less somehow, we want to…Janie and Steve, we love you guys and feel bad. Be at peace the best you can.

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