Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Last cool day

8/20/08 Wednesday
This is the last of the cool temperatures, at least for a few days according to the weatherman. Friday is supposed to be 99 degrees. Whoopee, I can’t wait. I finally got the last of the blackeyed peas planted. Pushed to get it finished yesterday but the pain won when I only had forty feet to go. I finished that this morning. Today will be busy as most days are. It started with a pain pill. Not the best way to start a day but you reap what you sow. That’s pretty much a literal statement for the pain is directly connected to planting, or “sowing”, the blackeyed peas over the last two days. Who’d think that sitting on the ground could hurt so much. As much as I dislike taking these addictive pills I am grateful for them for without this medication I would spend days immobilized and unable to get much of anything done.

Now that I’ve finished the peas I plan on getting another batch of compost going. I never did get around to building another compost bin. That is unfortunately typical for me, not doing what I planned. I cut down and pulled up weeds days ago to shred with the mower and use in this next compost batch so need to do that before they dry up. When they are green the nitrogen level is up there and when dry it is gone and contributes little to the composting process. There are lots of weeds I need to deal with and the rains we’ve had will multiply that a hundred fold.

Cherie has a busy day today. She has work to do at her temporary job and two more interviews on top of that. It’s not so much the pay she needs from work but medical benefits. Sure the extra money is a tremendous help but neither of us is getting younger. I’m covered as a veteran but Cherie has nothing, not even Medicare.

Time to whip up some breakfast and get back out to work.

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