Thursday, August 14, 2008

The hard things of life

I'm sorry to be putting these depressing things on this blog, but the reality of life is that it is not all pleasant fun and games. This is an update on Robert, who has leukemia, written by his wife. I post it so those of you who pray might do so. It is my prayer that God miraculously heal Robert in such a way that there is no doubt He did it. That will let all know that God is. Like I said, life is not always pleasant but it's how you react that makes a difference. Vickie's strength and grace in this is incredible and inspiring, yet I know she must be just hanging on.

As you know, Robert has had constant ups and downs. Today is definitely a down.
When I got to the hospital, the kidney dr. was there. Without remembering half of the 'dr lingo' it basically comes to this. His kidney functions are getting worse each day. They cannot give him some of the medicines he needs because the kidneys cannot handle it. He said that he would need to be on dialysis long term, and may also have to be placed on life support.
He does not want that.
So, we waited for his dr to come in. After talking with Dr Borra on his condition with the kidneys and the fact that the leukemia has returned with a vengence and is terminal, Rob and Dr Borra decided that it is time for Hospice.
They will be moving him to the 5th floor (not sure if its today or not) for supportive treatment. They have to do that until arrangements are made with Hospice. Hospice House will come in to visit with him (us) and then work out all the details of going to the Hospice House itself. Because he will be on the 5th floor instead of CCU, you can all come and visit. Something that he needs so very much. (It is Medical Center Hospital in Odessa)
David Johnson (Minister from our church FBC Midland) came this morning and talked with us, read scriptures, and prayed with us. It just felt so good to see him! It gave us such peace. I know the visit with David was good for Rob and I both.
Thats about all I know right now. We do not have a time frame as yet. But the Hospice House is involved when there is 6 months or less. Of course we know that he has been given much less than that.
It is still in God's hands. I want what is best for Rob and I support his wants and needs. I don't want him to suffer or be in pain.
I will try to let you know the room number as soon as possible.

Love and Hugs Vickie and Robert

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