Saturday, August 09, 2008

Tomato worms

8/9/08 Saturday
There’s not much time to write as we are getting ready to go to the farmer’s market. Picked up sixty spaghetti squash from Chuck and Lillian to sell for them. Theirs sprang up from discarded seeds that came from the squash I gave them. Some of them obviously had cross pollinated when in our garden. A couple almost look like pumpkins. I’m more careful now and planted the different varieties of squash well away from each other.

Here is some pictures of the tomato horn worms (I think that’s what you call it) That have been stripping our tomato and pepper plants. Talk about fat and huge. Geeze, these must be some of the best fed worms around. They are almost perfectly camouflaged and hard to find on the plants. I have been busy looking after pumpkins as well as melon plants and because of that neglected the rest of the garden. It’s all part of not being able to keep up with everything. After seeing the damage done I ran to Aldredge nursery and bought some Dipple dust.

Here is a picture of the problem we have with our peppers. If anyone of you know what it is let me know.


Jen said...

I don't know what that is on your peppers, but its on mine too. I have been reading your blog for a couple of weeks and I haven't said hello yet, so hello! I'm Jen, in Midland. I started growing a few veggies in containers for the first time this year so all of the farm stuff you are learning interests me, and I am amazed at how it all goes with all the struggles you have on top of it all. I would love to come pick black eyed peas for my mom sometime soon if there are any left, or come see you in the fall for some.

Bob said...

Hi Jen, this blog is supposed to inform me when someone comments but doesn't, so I just found your comment. It's probably supposed to let you know when I reply but who knows. The spots might be heat blight, sun spots, not enough water or too much water from what I've read. Beats me, but the latest peppers are looking good after we picked all the blighted ones and threw them away. Plus it's been cooler. Y'all are welcome to come out and pick or just visit anytime you want. My email is so drop me a line.