Tuesday, August 26, 2008

mowing weeds

8/26/08 Tuesday
It’s about noon now. I just came in to get some fluids in this body and allow the muscles to relax, thus reducing the pain. It’s not terribly hot out but I’m soaking wet with sweat. Been mowing weeds in preparation for tilling. I always want to mow to harvest as much green vegetation as I can to be used in making compost. On occasion I see piles of grass clippings at the landfill but wasn’t prepared to get it, didn’t have something to put it in. That’s good stuff for making compost. I found some more melons broken into. Now that the dogs have discovered how good it is they’ve developed a taste for them. I think it’s mostly Gretchen as she’s out all night. Her and the little yapper dog were barking late into the night and again at five this morning.

I’m going to try and work on building fences but may not get much done. There is lots to do today. At around two I’m heading into Midland to help a friend from our church. Her husband and she had adopted two girls years ago. They had both been abused so have the problems that often are the result of that. Our friend’s husband died a few years ago so she has her hands full now. Only one daughter still lives with her and she is just turning eighteen. Rebellious and stubborn (kinda like I was as a kid) she is wearing her mom out and emotionally tearing her up. The child has been gathering dogs and there are now seven in the house but she refuses to take care of them. As a result the house needs some serious cleaning so when I learned of it told our friend I would be happy to do it for her. So that’s what I’ll be doing in addition to poop scooping for Janie. Tomorrow I go to help the old guy. I know I don’t keep up with the things I need to do here but I have to help others. It’s just in my nature.

I think I’ll run into Stanton and pick up something for lunch. It’s nice to be able to afford a hamburger now. Real nice.

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