Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Melon thief

8/27/08 Wednesday
Got out and got the tiller going shortly after Cherie went to work. After two hours I’m done for, the back pain is up there and I have a headache. Despite that I called the old guy to see if he was ready for me to come do some things for him. Fortunately he has an appointment in Midland this afternoon so wants to put it off till tomorrow. That works. I’ll take a pain pill and lay down till the back relaxes.

I had to change my email password again after I received a spam email from myself, evidence someone has gotten into this computer and got the password or something. It’s happened before. One time I was getting porn and it identified the sender as me from the bobcarver2 email address. This time it’s one of the Cialis pharmaceuticals spams I get so much of. Time to run the spyware to see if there’s a Trojan or virus in this laptop doing it.
Well it’s official, Gretchen is the melon thief. She’s been leaving them around the house and I discovered another this morning. It’s one of the heirloom melons we are growing. It’s so hard to work with Gretchen. When I held the chewed melon and said “Bad girl! Leave my melons alone, NO!!!” she ran with her tail between her legs like I was going to beat her. Then she stayed far, just looking at me with those sad, sad eyes, knowing I was unhappy and feeling so bad she did it. It was one of those “I was so glad to find a safe place and someone to love me, but it’s gone now. You don’t love me anymore. Please don’t beat me” kind of looks that just breaks your heart. I’m going to the grocery store in Stanton right now to buy some habanera peppers that I will put in the blender with vegetable oil and make some super hot stuff that I’ll brush on the melons. Hopefully that will do the trick. I’m working on fences but don’t find enough wire fencing at the landfill to protect all the patches. Gretchen is looking better every day and getting lots of exercise playing with Rascal and Trixie. They’ve become great pals. The yapper dog is getting more comfortable with them but still scoots off with just a glimpse of Cherie and I. Cherie’s calling him “scooter” now so that will probably be his name.

I’m kinda glad that the old guy didn’t want me to come in today for there is much to do here. I wish I felt comfortable revealing his name cause just calling him “old guy” doesn’t sound too complimentary and he’s really a great guy. But I worry that the gossips and whoever is poisoning peoples minds regarding me will cause trouble there. It’s probably not a valid fear but just part of the paranoia I must constantly fight. I recognize it’s part of the brain injury but that doesn’t make it go away.

I just downloaded these pictures of last night’s sunset. On this one (Click on it to enlarge) you can just see two oil pump jacks on either side of the sun.

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