Tuesday, June 30, 2009

6/30/09 Tuesday
We got some rain. Not a whole lot but every little bit helps. Just saw a story on Nightline about Alzheimer’s that struck a chord. Many of the problems they have are the same kinds I deal with, like getting confused, forgetting what you’re doing, and hearing all the sounds around you without the filters most people have. I’m so glad that I’ve improved over the years but four years ago it was real hard to function. It’s still hard now but I have more times of clarity.

It was a lot cooler so I got some work done. Took Gretchen to the animal hospital to get fixed. Ben is doing ok but we worry about him. The place where the pin sticks out of his leg has become a hole big enough to put quarters in. He goes to the vet next Tuesday to get it removed. Poor guy wants to play in the worst way.

I’m tired and it’s late so that’s all for now.


Maria said...

really a great post u have written here.

Bob said...

Thanks? It's short and doesn't say a lot. Followed your name to I guess your blog. See that you post stuff about disabilities among other things. Like to see that. I've got lots of TBI info if you're interested.
email - bobcarver2@yahoo.com