Friday, June 19, 2009

No time to waste

6/19/09 Friday
Hurray!!! We got rain. I hope it came in time for the many cotton farmers who’s seed was put in the ground a while back. I know the farmer next to us had stuff just sprouting that didn’t go anywhere. The guy across the road is out every day digging in his field to see what’s going on with his seed. Because I irrigate and haven’t gotten much planted the drought hasn’t hurt so bad. But there is a definite difference between my well water and the rain water so it does make a difference.

One of the things this rain will do is make pulling weeds much easier. And there are always lots of weeds, especially where I irrigate. The weeds elsewhere were suffering from the lack of water so this will spur them on. Much of the work I do here is focused on keeping the weeds, particularly the sticker grass, in check.

There is always lots of work to do. Fact is that hard work is vitally important in any enterprise. Except the scams. They promise money for doing little or nothing and that is one of the draws. Despite having so much to do I must continue working to expose the get rich quick by not doing much of anything scheme. Working on it will cost me but that’s how things go. Nothing good comes without a price of some kind.

So with that short note I will go. Things to do and no time to waste.
I went out and picked some weeds. This helps me clear my head and think of better ways to write what I want to say regarding this scam. I am still suffering from moving those railroad ties two days ago and one hour of pulling weeds sure brought that out. It will ease up, it always does but sometimes takes a while. Good thing I’m not getting any older…ha ha ha.

I don’t remember if I mentioned it and don’t feel like going back in this journal to see so if I’m repeating myself bear with me. We took both puppies to get adopted at Pet Smart last Saturday. Goldie, the small one, found a home but Cloie (Cherie’s name for it) didn’t. We will try to find her a home again tomorrow but if that doesn’t work out I guess she will join our fold. It doesn’t take long for a puppy to worm its way into your heart. She’s a cutie and pretty smart too. Plus she gets along well with Rascal and Trixie. I love watching them play.

That’s it for this brief interlude. I warmed up some pizza for lunch (Yep, I’m eating Cherie) Cherie reads this blog from work so it’s a good way to assure her.


Vickie's Voyage said...

Hi Bob!
Well it is pouring rain here at my house! Are you getting rain? I hope so. That would help settle all the sand down for you.
Did you read my comment on Tuesday (16th). I thought you would get a big laugh out of picturing me in the floor fixing a toilet. *smile*
I read today that you hurt yourself. Be careful...we don't want you down with your back out!
Hope you have a wonderful day!
Love and hugs to you and Cherie!!! Vickie

Bob said...

Thanks Vickie. Yes I read your comment. Sorry I didn't post a reply. You help lift my spirits for sure. One of the things that helps me feel good about myself and my life is helping others. Next time you need your toilet fixed call me.
Love ya, bob