Saturday, June 20, 2009

It's our anniversary

6/20/09 Saturday
I want to leave my mark. Watching a PBS show about the New Mexico high desert I saw the remains of many cultures and ancient civilizations. It made me think. All these ruins are the evidences of people long dead and they are the mark they left. My father has squandered the heritage of his side of the family, it is all gone now. The small mansion my grandmother had, the land she had acquired or had been passed on to her, it’s all gone, sold so my father could spend the cash. When he’s gone so is the histories of that family. Thus it is with most people, they work, they live, and they die. When their lives end their possessions, if any, are spread on the table of those related to them and are absorbed. But I want to leave a mark. Something that lasts long after I have left this world, something that has the power to help, that has a positive spirit that can live on through the lives it touches.

I have thoughts like this often but by the time I get to this computer they are long forgotten. So I rushed straight to Cherie’s laptop to write this before it disappeared.

Today is our fifth anniversary. Wish I could post a picture of us but they are all on my laptop, which has a fried motherboard. The first marriage lasted five years before the torment of my fall and brain injury tore us apart. We are passing that point now, breaking the old record so to speak, surpassing what was done before. There will be no tearing apart this time, we are one and will stay one. When Cherie told me on June the second that it would have been our thirtieth anniversary if we had not divorced it really spun me around. Thirty years!!! What would those years have been like if we had stayed together? Where would we be now? It does no good to ponder these things too much, in fact it probably is not good to do so. What’s done is done, what will be is up to us.

We are both tired. Have been working hard. Cloie got adopted today so she’s gone. We miss her but it’s better that she’s in a safe home where there aren’t trucks screaming by at 80 MPH right out in front. Maybe I’ll write tomorrow. Right now I’m calling it a night and going to bed.


Anonymous said...

Oh Drats!!! I'm sorry I missed saying HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to you guys! Congratulations!
I enjoyed your blog for Saturday too. I understand about wanting to leave your mark...or legacy.
I enjoyed our short visit this morning. You guys are great and I love chatting with you!
Hope you have a nice, restful day!!
Love and hugs, Vickie

Bob said...

Thanks Vickie, We always appreciate it when you guys take the time to talk with us. Brightens our day for sure and we get a lot of encouragement from you and the other Simon department (The name of our Sunday school group) members.