Friday, June 12, 2009

Shoveling crap

6/12/09 Friday

It’s already 90 degrees out and it is only 11:00. I got out early with the hope of finishing the compost bins and getting the manure out of Cherie’s truck so she could drive it to work. In my rush it is not as pretty as I planned and I’ll have to modify it later. I shoveled crap as fast as I could but didn’t make it in time for Cherie to use the truck. I need to spray the plants as some kind of bug has infested the beans and are causing all kinds of havoc. Unfortunately that will have to wait as it is inadvisable to spray when the leaves are warm from the sun. It’s just like everything, too much to do and doing one thing means something else gets neglected.

Here's a picture of our corn. It's amazing the difference some rain makes. There's no question about how much better rain water is from what comes out of our well. It is our hope and eventual plan to be able to harvest the rain water. Being able to filter and treat the well water would be nice too.

When we stopped by to visit Matt at his garden we talked to a lady who was also visiting. She was amazed to hear that I was doing everything by myself and asked if I was familiar with CSA’s. (Community Supported Agriculture) I told her I was but didn’t get out and didn’t know anyone who would be interested. CSA’s are where people get involved with your farm, kind of like partners. In some cases they pay a membership fee and in return share in the profits and/or take a percentage or preset amount of product grown. They also share in the risks of farming so if the entire crop is destroyed by hail or something they accept a loss. Also they can participate in the labor needed to operate the farm. I’ve driven by Matt’s place and seen half a dozen people there weeding or harvesting crops. It sure would be nice but I do the best I can with what I’ve got. Part of the problem is my lack of social skills. I’ve asked for help for needs we have before but am always uncomfortable about it. Part of my fear is that I’ll be branded as a bum, a leach always asking for things. Couple that with the paranoia I must always fight, the thought that people don’t really like me or talk bad about me, and it makes things rough.
Here's Cherie doing some weeding in the blackeyed pea patch

For the most part I understand that it is a groundless fear, though in some situations it has been confirmed. That would be at the first church of Stanton, in certain circles where a snake in the grass has effectively used gossip to alienate Cherie and I. I know who the snake is and have heard some of what he and his wife have said but there is little I can do about it. At least not without causing a big scene. Causing a scene has been a temptation I have so far resisted. It’s hard for I tend to be confrontational and have a belief in being forthright and bluntly honest. My creed there is to “Say what I mean and do what I say”. I’m good at saying what I mean but it bothers me greatly that I no longer seem to be able to do what I say despite trying. Every time I see a need I want to rush out and help and with full intentions of following through make promises I end up not being able to keep.

I was out working at 6:45 this morning and by 11:00 was worn out. It bothers me that I don’t have the physical strength to keep going. My body gets tired and I was having a hard time holding the hoe as I weeded the blackeyed peas. That coupled with the heat and back pain forced me to come in and give it a rest. So I’m here writing this. At least I’m still doing something but I’ll have to lay down for a bit. About an hour is all I need to refresh and go back out there. Today is a poop scoop day so I’ll go to Midland a little later. Usually I do that around four when the temperature is way up there. That’s just a smarter use of time. When I’m in town I’ll also do some shopping so will enjoy the air conditioning in the stores. We must get some more dog food as always. If we are lucky we will be able to adopt out the two puppies tomorrow. Hope it happens fast because it’s hard to not get attached to them. The black lab is the one that is the cutest, at least to me, and really gets excited every time she sees me.
A recent sunset. I think it was Tuesday.

I’ve got lots of pictures but it’s hard to organize them on Cherie’s laptop. I sure will be glad when we can afford to get a new motherboard for mine. There’s a ton of stuff on it I need to access. It should be on our back up external drive but I haven’t figured out how to get to it. Actually I just keep forgetting to look just like I forget everything else I plan on doing. Still haven’t made copies of the news story CBS did on us several months ago. I had Cherie put that in her calendar to remind me about it.

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Amy said...

Hi Bob, hope you are doing great. I know I've mentioned it before, but I thought you might consider growing your farmer's market after the pattern of the Path to Freedom folks. Growing more in less space. It might help you accomplish more as you aren't spread so far and thin. Just a thought, don't want to be too nosy, but this is what I am doing. I have 10.5 acres, but plan to plant smaller and smarter to conserve my resources and especially energy. I figure if they can grow so much on 1/10th of an acre so I can I. Here is there link