Thursday, June 04, 2009

Quick update

6/4/09 Thursday
Just a quick update. My top priority is to get Cherie’s truck running. Going online I learned that it is easier to replace the fuel pump by taking the bed off the truck. I saw several suggestions to do this so feel it’s accurate. So that’s what I’m doing. I’m working slow and careful on this. Last thing I need is to mess it up. I also am particularly careful about the danger of the truck falling on me while I’m under it.

What’s frustrating is that there is so much to do that anything I work on means something else is neglected and working on the truck is sure going to do that. The buffalo grass we planted isn’t doing well at all. It’s choked out by so many weeds that it is not possible to separate the weeds from the grass when I try to remove them. I think what we must do is lay out some plastic or something that will sterilize the dirt, kill all the weed seeds, and start over. Weeds are taking over everywhere because I just can’t get to them like I need to. I told Cherie that I need to dedicate at least two days to just pulling weeds. Again to do that means other things get neglected. I had pretty much paid for the gay guys to help with Cherie’s car and when that fell apart it really hurt. At least we got paid for the car but I would have preferred the help.

So that’s all I have time to say. One of the puppies, the one we call “Goldie” got into one of the cactuses we have this morning. I heard the screaming yelping and rushed to see what happened, fearing the worse. She had two whole sections stuck on her and a mouth full of spines from where she tried to remove them. I tried to get them off with my bare hands and that wasn’t going to happen so I ran and got some gloves. The spines went right through them. I ended up going through two pair of gloves. Hope that doesn’t happen again. When I described Goldie to the vet she said it sounded like it was part Pomeranian with some Chihuahua mixed in. I sure hope we can get them adopted out quickly.

Got to go. It’s going to be a ninety degree day but tomorrow will hit a hundred.

11:52 - Well, that wasn’t too bad. I managed to get the bed loose and moved back but I’m definitely going to need help putting it back. It is real heavy and hurt quite a bit. Getting help will probably be hard and knowing me I’ll end up doing it by myself. The biggest risk in that is damaging the wires on top. Causing a little pain isn’t a risk, it’s just a daily part of my life. I’m going to lay down a bit, take a pain pill, and probably find something to eat for lunch.
I was certain that the fuel pump died because of how noisy it was and that it no longer made a noise. It might be the fuel pump but I just learned online to check the electric relay first. I still think it’s the pump itself but won’t go any further in taking it out before I check the relay. I don’t have a clue where the relay is so will have to go online and see. But right now I must leave to pick up Cherie from work.


Anonymous said...

I did that...twice. But the second time I did it under a big tree and rigged a lift for the bed with a hoist. Much easier.

When they put fuel pumps in gas tanks, I thought that the engineers who designed that and the people that decided to use that stupid design should have to spend the rest of their lives changing out fuel pumps in gas tanks.

Still do.

Papa Ray

Bob said...

I don't have any big trees. Actually there aren't any out here in west texas unless you go into the city

Nate~ said...

once you get it fixed use the front loader to pick it up and while you fanagle it into place have Aunt Cherie lower the loader