Thursday, June 11, 2009

hundred degree wind

6/11/09 Thursday
There’s nothing like a hundred degree wind to dry you out. I know I’m sweating but my shirt remains dry. The sweat’s evaporating away as soon as it comes out. Now that I’m inside, out of that wind, I’m getting wet. We are so grateful for the gift of the air conditioner Steve and Janie gave us a year or two ago. It sure is a lifesaver. I usually don’t turn it on till later in the day to save on electricity but had it running right away this morning because I knew how hot it was going to be.

So it is 2:00 now. I’ve been working on making a compost bin with the pallets I collected from a few places. It’s something I’ve wanted to do for a while now. It will have three or four bins in it and I’m thinking of fixing it up so I can drop the front pallet to access the compost inside each one. I haven’t gotten very far but had to quit. The heat has drained me. I’m physically weak and have a monster headache. Did some weeding also.

Here’s a funny story. Yesterday I picked up manure from the old man’s for the first time in a while. Would have done it sooner but Chuck and Lillian won’t let me use their trailer anymore because I jumped down the gay guys throats about the car. For any new readers, I had traded them Cherie’s car, which has a book value of $1200.00, for $600.00 worth of labor, but in two months they only worked one hour. So I used Cherie’s pickup truck. I got a total of three loads of manure. The old man let me use his skid loader to load it. Unfortunately I had a moment of confusion and put a big dent in the truck. I forgot what control did what and when it went the wrong way things got bad.

Cherie went with me when I went to where the horses are. That way she could visit with the horses. After we were done I thought some ice cream at Sonic sounded awfully good so we went even though the truck was loaded to overflowing with horse poop. A nice mustang with a family load of kids pulled in next to us. He rolled down the window to put in his order but changed his mind. Next thing I knew they slowly backed out and went to another spot on the other side of the drive in. I felt bad about it but we laughed a little anyway.

Folks, I’m pretty wiped. Probably should eat but I think I’ll just have to lay down. Probably won’t be able to do much till it starts to cool off around 6:00 or so. I’ll be sure to drink lots of tea.

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