Friday, June 05, 2009

Got the fuel pump out

6/5/09 Friday
Well I got the fuel pump out. Haven’t figured out how to remove the fuel lines yet. They are a little different and don’t have hose clamps. I really don’t want to start yanking things off without knowing what I’m doing. When I took Cherie to work I bought a new relay (Found out where it was located) but that didn’t work so it narrows things down to the pump itself. So much for a cheap way out. Calling around I find that the pumps go for anywhere from $268 to $295. The $295 one is a Delphi brand from NAPA and at first they wanted $370 for it but dropped when I told him what everyone else charged. Everyone else has an off brand called Airtech or something like that. Online I learned that some people had replaced their fuel pumps lots of times, one guy twelve times in two years, so I am inclined to get the more expensive one. However there was a lot of complaints about the Delphi one as well. The best pump seems to be made by Carter, known for their carburetors. Unfortunately no one here carries that one. I could find it online but we really don’t want to have the truck sitting around till one can get shipped here. I think I’ll go cheap as the Airtechs come with a one year warranty. I sure could use help putting the bed back on but don't know anyone to ask. Everyone we know lives in Midland and some of them probably couldn't handle the weight. Others work full time jobs so that wouldn't be convenient. Besides I'm not good at asking for help. Nate suggested having Cherie operate the front end loader to lift the pickup bed but I don't think she would do good at that and don't want the bed dropped on me. The front end loader is real touchy and not easy to operate.

Will drop the puppies off at the vet to be checked prior to us putting them up for adoption tomorrow when I go to get the fuel pump. I suppose I might as well poop scoop while in town. It’s going to be a busy day and the farm must be again neglected while I take care of this. I sure need three of me. Cherie did some weeding yesterday. That was greatly needed and appreciated. We weeded together for a bit. I enjoy working with her. Of course I just enjoy being around my lovely wife. (Hi Honey, I know you’ll read this)

Got to go.


Anonymous said...

Sorry your having problems. Something you didn't mention, but I'm sure you checked...are you getting power down to the pump and is it grounded at the pump or another wire going somewhere else to ground?

The reason I ask is because I replaced a pump one time (not in a tank) and found out that the new one didn't work either. It was a bad ground in the circuit. I didn't have a manual but a mechanic was kind enough to tell me how to trace the circuit.

Since you live on a farm, one thing you need to build or buy is a large A-Frame. They come in handy for so many different chores. I built a couple out of used up-set oilfield tubing and found the hoists at a oilfield equipment sale for a good price.

Just a thought.

Papa Ray
West Texas

Bob said...

Thanks Papa Ray. Problems are just a part of life. There's a ton of stuff we keep our eyes out for as I build this farm, an A frame is certainly one of them. Until we have some money it's scrounge and scavenge. If you run into any deals we might could use send me an email at The more eyes and ears we have out there the better.