Wednesday, June 24, 2009

caught a worm

6/24/09 Wednesday

Cherie’s computer caught another “Koobface” worm. I had caught one when investigating scams but we think Cherie got it from Facebook. When I went online to learn more I discovered that it has been a problem with the social network sites. Glad we caught it. I haven’t spent any time on the particular scam that my brother has been sucked into because there is just too much to do around here. But I won’t quit, just need to make time for it.

Finally got the raised beds set up and filled with dirt. Just put the last of the dirt in around 10:00. Next I must dig a trench to run a water line and set up the irrigation system. Also I need to build a gate to keep the dogs out. There are already dog tracks in the dirt so there is no doubt they will be a problem. I’ve been meaning to build this gate for several months, ever since the church folks helped build the fence that is there. Of course there is a long list of “meaning to do” stuff that hasn’t gotten done. Always drives me nuts. We got a donation for Suzie at church Sunday. I called to tell her and learned they scraped up enough money to get their electricity turned on. A lot of it they borrowed from friends and have to pay back. I’ll get a money order and send it. Cherie was going to do that from work but wasn’t able to so the task goes to me. It’s on my written schedule so will happen. I’m fixing to go into Stanton as soon as I post this so will do it then. Got to go.
It’s 4:30. I had to come in. Was getting unsteady on my feet and a little dizzy. Plus I’ve developed quite a headache. My difficulty typing tells me I’m slow. Guess I’ve pushed as far as I can so best take a break.

Got the truck inspected today. Didn’t know it had expired till I got a ticket. That happened yesterday. Cherie and I were coming home from the laundrymat, where we both met and did laundry. I do my own nowadays to help Cherie out because she works full time. I’m having a hard time writing but damn-it will get this done. So we were both going home, Cherie in her truck and I was in mine about five miles ahead because I left a few minutes earlier. I could see the police car a mile away because it had it’s lights flashing so checked my speed. I was going 65 so slowed down to 60. I know the speed limit is 55 but figured it would be a safe speed. I watched the police car turn off it’s lights and come across the median to the service road I was on. No big deal I thought because I wasn’t speeding, not much. Checking again I see I’m still at 60. Then she spins the car around and turns on her lights. At first I figured she had gotten a call and had to fly but it was me she was after. The trooper said I was going 71 miles an hour. I told her I was going 60 and asked if she could have picked up someone else on the radar. “No” was the answer so I got a ticket. No sense arguing, it’s a dumb thing to do. But I will go to court. Doubt it will do any good but it’s the principle of the thing. If I was speeding there would be no protest but this time I wasn’t. Lord knows I break the speed limit all the time but not this time.

So I’ve been digging the trenches for the herb garden. It’s been three days I’ve worked on this project so far. Hope to finish it today but that now depends on how fast I recover. We’ll see. I have to lay down. Don’t want to but have to.

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