Thursday, June 25, 2009

Gotta beat the heat

6/25/09 Thursday
The heat sure took a lot out of me yesterday. Cherie noticed it right away when she came home. It will be hotter today. There is so much to do and I’m sure I’ll push the envelope again. Part of my tasks will be picking up firewood from a seventy year old ladies house that she doesn’t want anymore. Any firewood is good as I need to stock up for winter. Waiting till the last minute is not wise. I will try to get Cherie’s truck to a shop today. Don said that a place called “John’s Automotive” does good work and is reliable. I need to call them this morning before I forget. This morning I hope to finish the raised garden beds. Got the pipe all laid and hooked up but need to put the drip irrigation stuff in place. Went back out to work on it at about seven last night, when I felt strong enough, but had to quit when it got dark. Got to go and beat the heat.
12:15 - Just found another Trojan on this computer. Seems like we’re being targeted lately. I have to wonder if that’s connected to the work I’m doing to expose that scam artist.


Vickie's Voyage said...

Hey Bob...Gotta be careful in that heat. I try to get all my outside stuff done in the morning before it gets too hot. But sometimes, it just gets hot anyhow. And the humidity doesn't help either.
Sorry about Cherie's truck, hope it isn't anything too serious.
Bravo on the garden beds! Great job!!!
And I see where you got that ticket too. Hope that can get straightened out for you!
Love you guys Vickie

Bob said...

Hey Vickie. I know I need to be careful but it's hard to balance with all the things I need to do. I've pushed the envelope all my life. It's just me. I know where I want to go and what it takes to get there but right now I'm a one man band. Always appreciate comments. Gives me a chance to talk to someone. Don't get to do that as much as I'd like

Anonymous said...

Vickie - Thank you so much! You're such an encouragement to us....
Love & Blessings - Cherie

Vickie's Voyage said...

I guess we are just fellow encouragers! lol
I know what you mean about someone to talk to. I have the dogs, but my days are usually solo. I talk on the phone to the kids, grandies, my parents, etc. But I'm really not much of a phone person.
Sorry about your virus attacks. Hope it gets resolved for you. I use McAfee (it comes with my server..AT&T)
Love to you both! Vickie

Bob said...

The Koobface worm just showed up again. It's hidden somewhere in the memory and replicates itself. Just ran Microsoft's malware and it didn't find it but ran spysweeper immediately after and it found it. Can't afford to take to a computer guy but we will if we have to. I'm going to order a motherboard for my computer if it doesn't cost more than we have. That way we at least have a back up.