Friday, June 26, 2009

Sweet little old lady

6/26/09 Friday
It’s so gratifying to finally finish something. It took five days but the herb garden is done and planted. All the herbs smell so great. The next thing is to see if everything grows and if not to figure out why. I’m truly building this farm with blood, sweat, and tears. That is if you count the frustration and whining as tears. Lots of sweat and I daily get cuts and stickers so there’s no arguing that.

This is what I had in mind two years ago. It took me this long to do it, partly because the resources (mostly railroad ties) just now became available. My vision for this farm is clear and has been in my mind ever since we learned we would inherit this place. Sure it has evolved as I learn and become smarter, more cognizant, but the basics are unchanged. Where this vision came from I’m not sure but would like to think there is a divine hand involved. Ever since I woke from the coma I’ve had a sense that there is a reason I’m alive, a reason I was raised from the dead. Add to that how things seem to come together in a miraculous way, especially the restoration of my marriage with Cherie, and you can see why I think that. Lord knows I’m blessed. Oh nothings easy but it’s still good.

Yesterday I went to pick up some firewood from a sweet little old lady. We need to start stocking up for the upcoming winter so that was a blessing. She is a sweetheart and we talked for almost two hours. She grew up on a farm and raised seven kids. All of them except one live far away, one in Maine. The one lives in Odessa and just got married so doesn’t get to spend a lot of time with her mom.

During the conversation I learned that “G” (That’s what I’ll call her. Can’t remember her name but know it starts with a G) had sold her twenty six room house and farm, that was not in the area at all, and gotten her townhouse in Midland. She’s been attending a church for two years and never had a visitor. What a crime that is and how I can relate. So I told her about our church and how we had found friends and fellowship and invited her to come.

She has a torn rotator cup that doctors haven’t done a thing about for seven months. They tried steroid shots and stuff but nothing worked. Looking at her unkempt lawn I offered to mow it. Will do that today if I can get her mower running, and do some other things around the house. I keep saying I’ll do things but don’t so I need to make sure this happens. Having it scheduled with a day and time helps insure that. That’s how it has to be. Otherwise things don’t happen. This seems hard for others to understand and I always get the “Come over when you want or can” type of thing. Then it never happens. This is a common problem for us TBI survivors and many of us must live a scheduled life and develop firm routines to accomplish much of anything.

I’ll need to buy a new chain for the chain saw as G has an old tree stump she needs cut down.

The old man just called and needs help so got to go.


Anonymous said...

Awesome job on the herb garden! It looks fantastic!!!!
I know about the heat too! Think I was out too much yesterday. Had some dizzy spell, thought I was gonna pass out. So today, staying inside and drinking lots of fluid. I'm not used to all this outside stuff yet. *smile*
Glad you are helping 'G' out. You are such a giver Bob!! And that was a good thing to invite her to church too! Does she live in Stanton too?
Off to clean my kitchen. Love and hugs to you and Cherie! Vickie

Anonymous said...

Wow, that looks great! I am impressed!!!!!

Bob said...

She lives in Midland. Her lawn mower didn't work so I brought it home and fixed it. I'll go mow her lawn tomorrow and do some other yard work. Cherie will go with to meet her and chat while I work.

Amy said...

The herb garden looks good. I'm jealous. I am glad you found G, and will be able to help her out. I'll be praying she comes to church with ya'll.

ennui said...

That is a very cool setup.