Monday, April 02, 2007

Gonna get warm

4/2/07 Monday
It is supposed to reach 88 degrees today. That will be the warmest day yet this year. I’ll get as much done early before it gets up there. Not doing bad this morning, the brain is operating at the average level, which I put at seven on the bob scale. Cherie is going into Midland to do laundry now that we can afford to do so. I’m sure she has other things to do while there but can’t remember what.

Yesterday we went to get fertilizer and stuff for the garden. One of the things I was hoping to get was bone meal. I read that it is high in phosphates, which help seeds get going. Also it is organic and we wish to grow these vegetables organically. After buying that Miracle Gro garbage that was full of mulch I figured we could get better stuff at the greenhouse we had visited a week or three back. We can but the prices are so high we can’t afford it. Eating is more important right now. I bought a small bag of blood and bone meal mixed that cost seven bucks. Small as in five inches wide and maybe eight inches tall. There was other stuff I had picked out because I know it will greatly enhance the success of this first garden but after seeing the prices put it back. I was going through one of those periods where making a decision becomes very difficult so, with my frustration level rising dangerously high I bought the one bag and hurried out to the safety of the car. This is not unusual though it doesn’t happen as much as it used to.

Then we went to Home Depot. I wanted to get hinges for the sewing table I’m going to make for Cherie and some sanding disks. I still wasn’t doing that well. We looked at fertilizers there to see how they compared to what we saw at the greenhouse. There was a big sack of maybe fifty pounds of fertilizer that cost the same as that puny bag I got at the greenhouse. I know I want to go organic but that’s probably not going to happen. Kevin, the guy who brought is some firewood, has goats and I had asked him what he did with their poop. Learning they just throw it over the fence to blow away I asked if I could have some. He said yes but that’s as far as it’s gotten. I suspect he thinks I expect him to do all the work and deliver it to me. If he would take a few seconds to talk he will learn that I would be more than happy to gather it myself on a regular basis, thus doing the sweeping for him. Regardless, this is food we are growing to eat thus reducing what we spend at the grocery store and saving some of the money that is so tight.

There is a cold front coming that will bring temperatures down to the sixties. That will be a God send for the lettuce package says it’s seeds will not germinate in soil above seventy degrees. Few of our seeds have germinated as it is, which is why I wanted to get the bone meal. I’m going to take a pain pill this morning as I know I’ll be bustin my butt digging more garden beds and that always brings pain. The joints of my fingers are getting a bit painful. That’s something new. Of course this is the most work these hands have seen in the six years since I woke up. I suppose at fifty arthritis is a possibility. I should go online and see if there are things you can do to slow down it’s ponderous degeneration. (I’m not sure if ponderous is the right word cause I don’t remember what it means but it feels right)

We can hear a plane spraying it’s poison on the cotton field that is north of us. If the wind is blowing our way I won’t go out till he’s done.

Time to get moving.

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