Monday, April 23, 2007

Good morning. Love ya Cherie. Hang in there.

4/23/07 Monday
Good morning world. How y’all doing out there? I’m awake and moving at 6:00 this morning. Slept fairly well once I managed to drift off. Yesterday my thoughts were often on how to help others understand what it’s like to live with a brain injury. Sometimes I think I do a good job describing events in this blog but I don’t always just focus on that. That would get awful monotonous or depressing and no one, or at least few, would want to read that all the time. My life is not at all monotonous but depression is a constant fight. Going from being able to run two companies to having difficulty planting a garden makes it hard not to be. Then there is the lack of moral support and real contact with others close by. However the friends I’ve made online has been an immense comfort and lets me know there are many who (Had to turn off the TV to figure out how to say this) take the time to…aw nuts, can’t quite put that together. I think most of you know where I am going with that. Thanks for listening and caring.

I fed Carman kitty this morning. Really didn’t have much choice as he was very vocal in letting me know his dish was empty. Looks like I’ll have to do the cat litter. That had always been Cherie’s job but my baby is in Ohio so it’s a duty I must assume no matter how unpleasant. I put the picture of flowers on not only because I like them but for Cherie who also delights in this beauty. Yeah, I know they are weeds but that don’t make the flowers less beautiful.

I’m gonna get out to the garden early while it’s still cool. Don’t know what I’ll do but I’ll figure it out when I get out there. There is still a lot of plants I haven’t put in the ground yet. I had five flats loaded with dirt and ready to start seeds in but only managed to get one done. It’s got some sprouts but when I put it out in the sun, thinking that’s what it needed, some of them fried. I did something like that before but couldn’t quite remember. I recorded it in this journal but never went back to look. Kind of defeats one of the purposes of the journal.

So that’s the start for the day. Well I spilled a cup of coffee also. Not a big deal and already got it cleaned up. With Cherie gone I can make “Bob coffee”. That should jolt me awake. Time to get my butt out of bed and out the door. The news is mostly crap like how couples are not sharing the same bed and more of the digging up every detail and nuance of the West Virginia massacre. Come on guys, let it go and have mercy on those who are constantly forced to relive this when they turn on their television.

11:30 – I am getting the dizzy ear ringing precursor to a seizure. Typing speed has slowed down so that indicates it is already in progress. I’d say I’m running a five on the bob scale. Will go find something simple to do that I can stay focused on. Think I will dig the bed where Cherie wants her sunflowers to grow. Back is hurting bad enough to take a pain pill. First I need to grab a note book to keep track so I don’t forget and take another one.

Had a thought I should write down. I have had visitors here. The guys who farm next to us stopped when we first moved here. So did Wayne Stroud, who had wanted to buy the place. The farmers nest to us are named Glassman I think. We’ve talked a few times and they ran their shredder around the house last year or sometime a few months ago. Just want to make sure I am correct in what I say.

It only takes a moments distraction. I went to get a notebook and never did along with not taking a pill. Was outside getting out the hoe and while sharpening it was reminded by the pain. That won’t let me forget. Came back in and see there is no notebook and I wouldn’t have taken the pill without it. So it’s 11:53 and I’m taking the pill right now before I forget again. Hate being slow.

It’s 6:23 now. Doing much better. Cherie called earlier and as always it was good to hear her voice but I could tell right away she was pretty tired. She’s got good reason to be. There is so much for her to deal with, so many changes that must be made in the lives of her parents. Cherie spent some time with mom without dad or Cathy around. This allowed mom to open up about a lot of things. One of them is she really doesn’t want to return to the house for several reasons which I won’t go into here. Mom was able to walk the length of the parallel bars thing they use to get people strong enough to walk again. That is the first time.

I’m slipping this in here now that it’s been posted for a day with the thought Cherie won’t see it and worry. However this journal is also to track possible medical stuff so it should be here. I had some chest pains that came with a different kind of headache so I quickly took two aspirin just to be safe.

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