Saturday, April 28, 2007

A great start

4/28/07 Saturday
Got to sleep just fine and I woke at 5:30 this morning well rested and alert. Had coffee on by 5:45. Heated a pot of water and had the stand up bath I take twice a week and shaved as I usually do on Saturday because I’ll be going to church tomorrow. I’ll make sure to fix a good breakfast to put some protein in this body. That way if I forget later I’ll at least have eaten.A great start for me and for the day.

I E mailed the individual from the Blogosphere who extended an invitation to meet in Midland, telling him it would be great and asking when he would like to do so. It took me a day or two to think that through. Think I mentioned it a post or three ago. We’ve been talking online a little bit and I’ve been following his blog for a while, which gives me a picture of who he is. Let Y’all know how it goes but I am learning to keep folks anonymous unless they agree otherwise. Slow but sure I’m learning this thing called discretion.

I want to say this to others who I may have offended. In many ways I am like a child and have been learning how to act since I woke from the coma six years ago with a blank slate in many areas of this brain. Like a child I need correction, actually look for it.

Proverbs 12:1 Whoever loves instruction loves knowledge, But he who hates correction is stupid.

Had my share of being stupid. Again this is why communication is good and even necessary. If someone has a problem with something I’ve said, LET ME KNOW damn it. And understand, like a child I may need it several times before it sinks in.

Gonna get moving quickly while the day is young and the brain is working decently. Running my average of seven on the bob scale.
That didn’t last long. I fried four eggs and ate them with a piece of toast. Then I went out to look at things and figure out what I should do, try to schedule the day as I must. Started getting dizzy and slowing down. This sucks as it always does. A note on the weirdness of this brain, I seldom feel the sensation of hunger no matter how little I’ve eaten. Now, after I ate four eggs a half hour ago I feel ravishingly hungry.

Cherie just called a minute ago to let me know how things are going up there. As is predictable everything is in turmoil and emotions are running amuck. Lots of stuff that needs to be done and decided. Cherie has scheduled her flight back and she will be home May the 7th. We will both be glad. She’s leaving out of Columbus where her other sister lives. They will both go look at some places for mom and dad to live before she heads home.

I’m relaxing a bit to see if this brain speeds up. If not I’ll just grab the hoe and focus on mindless tasks that I can handle with no problem. Hope I clear up as fast as I became simple. Sometimes these only last a few minutes.
While I’m laying here I thought of something that may help convey what it’s like to have short term memory loss. Almost every time I tell someone about it they tell me how they also forget things, walking into a room and wondering what they came in for. That is a glimpse but here’s a bigger picture. At the Brain Institute in St Louis they had a chess set. I would play chess by myself as a way of exercising my brain, thus helping it improve. It was a greater challenge than you may think. I would make a move and then switch the board around. If I didn’t switch it I would forget who’s move it was. Then the white pieces or which ever side it was would get two or more turns without the other having one.

When ever I switched sides I would have to figure out what the opposing side was up to because I would forget. For that matter I would also have to figure out what I had in mind for the side I was on at the time for the same reason. You can see how this was a good exercise. The nice thing was I always won. Of course I always lost too but prefer to think of the winning part. I am in much better shape now than I was then so I don’t think it would work. Who knows, haven’t tried in a while.

It’s been an hour and I’m clearing up pretty good. Hurray! Hope it lasts.
I remembered that I was going to donate stuff for an auction at the circle six camp so called up there to see if I should bring the stuff there or what. The lady who answered the phone said James was out with volunteers there. I wondered if the Sunday school group had gone out but forgot to let me know. Of course the paranoid part wondered if they purposely did that. I know I’ve got to quit thinking like that but the thoughts still cross my mind.

Anyway, the lady said to bring the items on up and put them in the dining room. I was there before at the Baptist men’s event and ate in the dining room but had to ask her where it was. When I got there James came riding up in the golf cart he gets around on. Of course I didn’t recognize him so asked “Are you James?”. Yep he was. He showed me where to take the stuff and helped me unload. We talked and I explained again the problems I have. I do that all the time but wonder if it just makes things worse. Don’t know, just want folks to understand.

Anyway he was welcoming and invited me to eat with his wife and the bunch of little girls that he identified as GA’s. I asked what that stands for and he told me but I don’t remember it right now. Typical, bits and pieces of memory. I slowed down in the dining area. I think that’s because of the unfamiliarity of the people and circumstances but I can’t really say, just know it was difficult. A lady asked if I wanted a cone dessert she had made and it took me a few seconds to decide yes. Must of looked like I was afraid to eat it or something.

I need to remember to take my calendar to church for he will bring his so we can schedule times I can go volunteer some time helping out. Was going to run into Midland after I picked up mail but thought I’d stop by the house here to check if Eric sent an E mail about meeting. Not one there but it’s 2:30 so I’ll take a little rest before I head up.
It’s two hours later and I don’t remember going to sleep. Don’t even remember waking up so I must have just kind of slumbered or something as my mind revolved around all that has been happening and not happening since we moved to Texas. Going over things and wondering why? what? And how things could get right. I am bothered deep inside as I seek answers to questions I don’t dare ask anymore for fear of causing more frictions that won’t go away through the life we wish to live here.
I’m ending the day strong. Worked on the garden and around the house till after dark. Finally had to come in because I couldn’t see. Still doing well, for which I am always grateful. Right now I’m gonna look up some scriptures pertaining to the Sunday school lesson tomorrow. Not sure what to expect after last weeks performance where I practically begged for some fellowship. One person has started E mailing me out of that and she is looking forward to Cherie coming home so they can get together.
I just looked at the camera and see there are some pictures I never downloaded. They reminded me of stuff I did and also help in giving y'all an idea of what happens here. So here they are.

This first one is Skittles on top of the air conditioner looking in the window this morning. How the little sucker got seven feet up to get there I don't have a clue. He's a resourceful little thing.

These two are from yesterday when I was "mowing" the yard with my hoe. This is how big the pile of weeds is from just that little bit. Just imagine how big it'll be if I get this done. Should make a lot of good compost. Reminds me to put some ointment on the blisters.

There is a continuing battle going on with two barn swallows who want to build there nest here. I love the guys but couldn't let them build on this light. The wiring is shaky as it is so the last thing we need is these guys shorting it out and burning the house down. So I put up pieces of firewood and finally this T shirt. OK, I won that round but they just moved over and started building here. I wouldn't really mind too much but both places are where their poop lands right on the steps. Not keen on stepping in that every morning when I walk out the door. So I wrapped this chicken wire around the spot thinking this for sure will deter them. NOOOOO. Not these guys. Finally I sat on a chair with the water hose in my hand and every time they flew in hit them with a spray of water. Might have worked as they weren't out there when I checked a few minutes ago. We will see tomorrow. Night all.


Amy E said...

Hey Bob! Sounds like you had a good day...GA stands for Girls in Action. I used to "teach" the bigger girls called Acteens. Very fun group. They also have a boys group called RAs (Royal Ambassadors) if you want to get involved with something like son was involved. Kind of like a church based Boy Scout group. They went camping, fishing, etc. Talk to you later!

Eric said...

Amy beat me to the explanation of GAs! ;-)

But I can help you with the barn swallow predicament. If you get a shipment of anything that's packed in bubble wrap or those little "bags of air," cram that material around the spot where they're trying to build the nest. They can't use the surface of the plastic as nest material and they'll look for an easier spot. That technique has worked for us on our back porch.

Amy E said...

Ya'll are just a bunch of meanies!
I just let my swallows alone...put a piece of cardboard underneath to catch the mess...and go on your way...mean old guys! (just kidding)

Bob said...

I got the bubble wrap up but their just moving to spot number three, right next to number two. I keep pointing to where I want them to build but they just won't listen. Damn kids. I am sure these are the hatchlings from when we first moved here. I tore down the nests, there were four of them, when we first started cleaning the place out.